Amy | Newcastle, NSW

They all say you need to find a niche. Do you post about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, conspiracy theories?

My niche is being me; posting about what I love and like in life. We are all our own in niche and we should express and celebrate that, and that's what The Noise in Wonderland is all about.
The Noise in Wonderland (NIW) is a corner of the Internet where anything can happen.

A lifestyle blog created in Newcastle Australia, NIW hit the two year milestone last October. For the past year, NIW has been a source for all things beauty and skincare. Building relationships with various PR agencies and brands

For 2017, the goal is to expand. While continuing to talk about all these beauty and skincare, NIW will begin to cover other topic areas, including travel, lifestyle, health and fitness, food, fashion and opinion pieces, all while being presented in a clean and individualistic way. While previous posts have been quite brand centered, posts will now have more depth and center more around certain themes and ideas.

As the creator behind (NIW), my experience reaches much further than being a humble blogger.

Beginning my journey into the field of writing and journalism, I completed a double degree in Communication (majoring in journalism) and Law. With my passion for writing ignited by my degree, I’ve since gained extensive experience, dipping my toe in many waters, including print, digital and radio.

NIW aims to create a global community where people can come to learn more about various lifestyle topics, and inspiration, and connect with souls from around the world.