Stylish Comfort (with Femme Luxe)

Looking to jazz up your wardrobe while also staying super comfy and not breaking the bank, then you might want to check out Femme Luxe. Femme Luxe recently sent me a few pieces of clothing and I wanted to share my honest thoughts on them.

Animal Snake Print Biker Jacket

As soon as I saw the print of this jacket I knew I had to put it in my basket. It's certainly a bit of a statement and not something I'll get everyday wear out of, but when paired with a plain, black outfit it helps to jazz things up a little and give the outfit a bit of personality. It's a fairly light weight jacket so it's perfect for a night out as it begins to get colder here.

Blacked High Neck Ribbed Jumpsuit

Paired with that jacket I have this hella comfy jumpsuit. While the legs are a little long and will need to be hemmed and I don't love that they have a seam running up the middle of the pants, this jumpsuit is super comfy while still giving you a really stylish look with no effort at all. I like to pair something like this with a belt to bring the whole look together.

Khaki Extreme Polo Neck Oversized Jumper

This is the only item from Femme Luxe that I wasn't completely digging and it just comes down to the style of the jumper - I don't love how it looks on me. In theory I thought the oversize look with the exaggerated sleeves would look cool, but on me I feel like it just gives me no shape and does nothing for my body. While this could be something good for lounging around the house, I'm also not a big fan of the high turtle neck on it. I don't tend to wear high neck items very often so this just made me feel quite restricted and a bit claustrophobic. If however you don't mind the high neck and you're fan of the really oversized look, this would be a great option.

Black Cropped Basic Leggings

Lastly are these super comfy cropped leggings. This type of pant is perfect for wearing under things like t-shirt dresses. These ones in particular are so comfortable and while they are a tad see through, I only ever plan to wear them with my butt covered so it's nothing I'm to worried about.

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