My Favourite Hair Products from Suki Hairdressing

We're slowly creeping up to a year of me having my hair rescued by Suki Hairdressing. These guys have well and truly saved my hair and have taken it from thin and breaking to thick and the healthiest it has been in years. I've been trying a number of different products since starting my journey with them and I have a few favourite products that I really wanted to share.

This is my new go-to conditioner for every other wash. This stuff helps to repair the inside of my hair and has been a major player in process of getting it long and thick again. Just after using this a few times I quickly began to notice my split ends weren't coming back and my hair was beginning to thicken and the overall quality was improving significantly

L'oreal Magnesium Silver Shampoo
The fact that this works so well for me does come down to the wonderful job my hairdressing, Bek, does while I'm at Suki. Because Bek doesn't use a toner in the salon but simply colours and then washes my hair with this shampoo at the basin, as I have this at home I'm able to maintain my colour almost perfectly in between visits. Popping this in my hair and letting it sit for a few minutes before washing it out helps to rid my hair of any yellow tones and keep it looking fresh and on-point.

If you have colour treated hair you should never be going without some sort of heat protectant and this is the best one I've ever used. This product also adds to the overall softness that my hair has, even after being heat treated. A little goes a long way and the best way to apply this is to put some between your hands and pull your hair back like you're putting it up in a ponytail and run it through the hair. Then, any you have left on your hands you run through the top. I also love the smell of this stuff and it gives my hair that 'I just left the hairdresser' scent but in my own bathroom.

I love to apply a hair oil onto ends after I've finished styling and also at night before I go to sleep just to help give it a little bit of something to help with any moisture it might have lost. Suki have got hooked me on this one from Aveda.

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