How To Nail Your Personal Style

We all have those days (or weeks, or months) where we open our closet to get dressed for the day and just think 'I have nothing to wear' because you're not feeling inspired by anything you see. Suddenly you begin questioning your entire wardrobe and wish you were a millionaire so you could get rid of 90% of it and start again. For most of us however that isn't a realistic way to be able to deal with the problem, but if you are looking to really start nailing down and create a wardrobe that you just can't wait to open and wear each day, here are some tips and tricks that I've been following recently to try and do this myself.

Nail the Basics

Before you go anywhere near that laptop and start online shopping or grab your wallet and hit your local shops, you need to take some time to look at your closet and really nail down what type of basics make up your style. Go through what is already in your closet and identify what pieces you really do love and the things you always find yourself wearing. Then look at the things you don't ever reach for and figure out why you love the pieces you do so much and why you don't the others. This should help you to begin to figure out what type of basic styles you really gravitate towards; do you prefer natural tones or patterns? Do you like a fitted figure or something a little looser and flowy? What do you feel flatters you more and what doesn't seem to work for you? 

When you understand your basic loves you can begin to clear the closet of anything that doesn't really hold any of those qualities and look at what pieces you're missing. Now you're one step closer to shopping, but we're not quite there yet.

Get on those Pinterest boards

Now you have some basic styles in mind, give yourself some further inspiration for what to buy, by getting on those Pinterest boards. Creating a board of fashion inspiration can make purchasing clothing so much easier and help you to buy pieces that will actually work together, either with other new items or existing pieces in your wardrobe, and make a wearable outfit that you will love. With your new basics in mind, do some searching of outfits using those types of clothing and see what you can find and what sparks your interest. As you make your board, take a moment to have a look at all your saved pins and see if you can see a bit of a theme or continual use of certain items and styles - this will also help you to narrow down what type of clothing you really like to wear and want in your new wardrobe.

Find Trends that Fit You

Just because we're trying to narrow our style down a little more doesn't mean we can't still dabble in some trends here and there. A trend might pop up that you feel completely encapsulates your style and is something you want to wear all the time; in that instance for you it's not really a trend anymore. Trends can also be ways to try to add new and interesting accessories and pieces to your classic outfits to jazz them up every now and then. While we want to avoid buying into trends to much and using them as an excuse to buy lots of cheap pieces of clothing we probably won't wear more than once or twice, they can be a great way to open yourself up to new styles and outfit ideas to help continually evolve your wardrobe.

Spend Wisely

This means no more buying that neon pleather skirt just because it's currently half price and such a steal! You know what kind of clothing you really like, what styles you actually reach for and wear all the time, so don't be scared to invest a little more in such pieces. That perfect black coat that will last you season after season or those shoes you know you'll wear almost everyday, those type of things are worth spending those extra dollars on because usually that means they are made from better quality materials that will last through wear and tear longer than cheaper pieces - and because we know we'll be wearing it all the time, resistance in our items is what we need. That doesn't mean if you see something that you think could add something fun to an outfit or a piece you've been thinking about for a while (even if it's not completely within your usual style) does go on sale, that you shouldn't jump at the chance - just always keep in mind if it's something you'll really wear more than once and therefore is worth taking up space in your closet.

Have Fun with It

Fashion, while at times practical, is also meant to be a lot of fun and while it's definitely good to have a wardrobe full of clothes that we love and wear often and look nice, having some fun pieces for those nights out or days you're just feeling it, isn't a bad thing either. Take a chance on that animal print jacket if you're feeling it or give those crazy shoes a whirl - now that we've done all this hard work to build a solid foundation, its time to have a little fun with it.

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