The Year I Finally Like My Hair #SavedBySuki

Just before Christmas I had my latest appointment at Suki Hairdressing. Since getting the chop last time, I've found myself still loving my shorter hair, especially with the heatwaves we've been having here in Australia at the moment. I feel like every time I go back to Suki I find something new about my hair to be amazed by and it's all thanks to the work my hairdresser Bek - this time it was how much my hair had grown. Thanks to a set of wonderful products, the continual use of Activance and chopping of all those thinner ends during my last visit, my hair had grown a few centimetres in a matter of months - that has to be an all time record for my hair! A bit of a colour refresh and a bit of a trim was all I needed this time around and I've found my hair seems to be truely mended from the damage caused so many years ago.

When I started my hair rescue journey with Suki, I imagined it would take at least 12 months to see any major improvements in my hair but after my first appointment I quickly began to notice positive things. About six months into my time with Suki and I finally have hair that I find myself loving every day, which is something I struggled with for years. I was always noticing damage, my colour never seemed to stayed exactly how I wanted and often, just a few weeks after leaving a salon, I felt like I'd never been there. 

Whether you have damaged hair that needs some serious help like I did, or you're just in the market for a new hairdresser and you want someone who will take care of your hair and be able to give you exactly what you're after (provided what you're after isn't a neon colour or to go from black hair to platinum blonde in one sitting), then Suki is definitely place I would recommend trying out.

I've put some of the before and after pictures below from my first ever visit to Suki to my latest appointment.

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