Aus Exclusive: Jurlique Limited Edition Iconic Collection

Rose-scented fans abound; Jurlique is the brand calling your name. I'm certainly no stranger to this brand and always love when some of their products turn up in my mail. To celebrate their goodness, Jurlique have released a Limited Edition Iconic Collection (available exclusively to Australia) that contains - you guessed it - some of their most iconic products. Some of these I've had before and some I haven't, so I wanted to share what is inside this handy dandy collection with you.

I've previously talked about this hand cream on the blog before. I've found this cream has a fairly strong rose scent, so if you're not a fan of that or scents in general this probably isn't the one for you. The cream contains Rose Gallica Flower Extract which is grown at an organic farm in the South Australian hills and helps to restore moistures to your hands and keep them feeling silky smooth. I found this to be a little thicker then a lot of hand creams I've used, but it still sinks in really quickly and left my hands feeling really smooth.

This product adds an interesting additional step to your skincare routine. Applying this after toner and before serum, this essence contains pure Marshmallow Root to help give you an extra hit of hydration - so if you're someone who suffers with dry skin this extra little thing might just be what you need (this is also going to be great when those winter winds begin to roll in). I found this has quite a clean scent and dries in fairly quickly for a bit of extra hydration when I'm feeling particularly dry.

This might be a little travel size serum but honestly a little goes a long way thanks to the runny formula. This product contains Red Clover Flower which helps to enhance the role of the Hyaluronic Acid in combating those annoying signs of ageing. It also has Advanced Gel Technology which means after application the product creates a protective film on the surface of your skin to help maintain hydration and prevent moisture loss. I found this didn't have their usually rose scent but smelt more clean and soap-like. It leaves the skin fairly soft after application but I would certainly still use a moisturiser afterwards

I've also previously talked about this Balancing Mist when I was gifted the Limited Edition mega bottle. If you're looking for something to soothe your skin, make it feel refreshed, give it some hydration or all of the above, you need to get your hands on this stuff. This smaller size is also much more convent for any travellers out there.

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