VOGUE x Bellabox

I've been gone from here for a little while, but I'm back today with something I use to feature on the regular, but this time it's been taken to a whole new level. I'm talking about Bellabox and their recent collaboration with VOGUE. The team over at Bellabox have put together an amazing assortment of goodies that are just 'a little bit fancy' for this collaboration, and I just have to share them with you all! So strap yourselves in and grab a beverage, we've got just a few products to go through.

L'occitane Shea Hand Cream
Looking for a bit of luxury for your hands, this hand cream from L'occitane is the way to go. The product seems quick thick coming out of the tube but it sunk into my skin really quickly, wasn't oily at all and only has a mild scent - best of all it left my hands feeling super soft and hydrated.

On first glance I love the packaging of this brand, so I wanted to love this product. It's hard to find a body wash I didn't like, but it seems I've found one. The scent of this product was quite odd - to me it honestly smelt like some cheap paint product I use to use as a kid. So wouldn't exactly recommend this one.

This stuff will not only make your nails look great, it will help keep them that way to. The formula of this product means peelage and breakage are reduced, so your nails will be looking fab for longer. This white colour is also good on its own for a more subtle look, or you can throw it over a colour you already have on to give it a metallic-like sheen.

The box also contains a mini size of the Chloe Fleur Parfum, perfect for in your handbag for on-to-go or your next travelling adventure. I've never tried a Chloe perfume before, and while I don't mind the scent, I'm not sure it's my favourite - it just smells a bit old fashion to me. 

I've tried plenty of La Roche-Posay skincare in my time, but their makeup is a new venture for me, but I'm certainly not mad about it. I found this mascara was super easy to work with, no lumps or chucks and it certainly enhanced the length of my lashes. I don't feel like this gives you any sort of extreme volume (nothing a quick coat with another mascara can't easily fix) but it certainly makes my lashes more pronounced - would recommend giving this a shot.

If you have hair that needs a little help with maintaining texture and volume, then this spray might be something you're looking for. I've always been one to stay away from such products when my hair was quite dried out, though since Suki has sorted my locks I'm trying to be a little more adventurous with my hair products. I do however tend to steer clear of anything they haven't recommended or handed to me (because they're work so far has been nothing short of amazing) so unfortunately I can't give an extensive review of this little baby. However if you do get along with this product this little size is again great for those on-the-go or heading off on a holiday (of which I'm super jealous).

I've tried a number of Jurlique products in the past and have always been a fan, but this is new to me. The serum is very light yet still feels very hydrating and also has basically no scent. I like to apply just a little bit of moisturiser over the top of this one, but it certainly doesn't leave me needing much. Jurlique has once again left me impressed.

I've had a full size jar of this stuff in the past so I can tell you it's good. I like to use this one in the morning and I always found it sunk into my skin really quick and was great for applying makeup over the top, while also making sure my skin didn't dry out during the day. It has a nice refreshing, clean scent to it - nothing to over the top or powerful.

A brand and product I had never seen or heard of before, so you know I was intrigued. Being a night cream I did find it a little thicker and it sat a little longer on the skin before sinking in, however I don't mind this for night time when I'm aiming for maximum moisturisation and recovery. It did leave my skin feeling wonderful after applying but beware it does have quite a strong; quite perfume-like. I personally don't mind it - it makes me feel a little posh while using it - but certainly wouldn't be a goer for those who don't get along with highly scented products.

Another product that I have had a full size container of in the pastWhile this product marketed to double as a primer (which I don't really use anymore), it is also a moisturiser which is what I've been using it for. I find the formula interesting - it feels quite thick and hydrating, like something I would use as a night moisturiser and yet when it dries it sinks nicely into the skin and does leave a more matte finish than your typical moisturiser. I've been trying to cut back on wearing foundation to work everyday and this is a great option for me for those days to give my skin a matte, less oily look. I also love the scent of this product and while it seems quite strong in the tub and when you first apply the product, the smell does subside.

This is another brand and product I had never come into contact with before, but I certainly love it. This bottle sprays the finest mist I've ever seen come out of a spray bottle, and the product has no scent, making it feel super refreshing and reinvigorating. I find it great to use as a toner or for a quick refresh during the day.

Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub
Last but certainly not least, a product from Clarins - a brand I'm always a fan of this; this product included. The  exfoliating beads in this scrub are fairly large so it's good to be a little more gentle when using his product, but certainly still feels nice on the skin and is not to harsh - it leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth. I also found the scent to be similar to a cleanser product I've used the past, which personally I didn't mind.

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