Nude by Nature have it in the bag

If you're heading to a show or fair over the summer, then you just might spot the Nude by Nature showbag. Showbags are always a great way to pick up a bunch of products from your favourite brands for a discounted price and the Nude by Nature showbag has a great range of products to give you a fresh and basic makeup look on-the-go.

Airbrush Mineral Primer

Along with a cute little makeup bag to store all your products in, one of the first products you get is the Airbrush Mineral Primer. As you probably know by now, I'm no longer big on primers but this one has seen me jump back on the bandwagon a little bit. If I know I've got a long day of makeup wearing ahead, I have been popping a little bit of this on my cheeks and t-zone area to try and help my makeup stay looking smoother for longer. I do like the formula of this one - it's quite light but does still go a little tacky to really help makeup stick to it. I wouldn't say I notice a major difference using this product, but I probably get a few extra hours of shine-free foundation when I have this on, especially during a warmer day.

Liquid Mineral Concealer

This concealer leans on the thicker side, which makes it great for covering imperfections or tried eyes if you're not to prone to creasing. Being thicker you do need to work with it a little more to get it to blend, but it saying that it does blend out quite nicely. The finish is somewhere in between matte and dewy, not quite on either end of the spectrum but for someone like me who prefers something matte, this is still fine to cover small areas of my face. 

Natural Mineral Cover Foundation

You'll also get a mini size of their Natural Mineral Cover Foundation (perfect for travelling). A powder foundation is great for the summer months as it won't give you a thick coverage that will noticeably sweat off during the day, yet if you do have days where you want to go for something a little heavier you only need to pack on a little more to achieve it. This powder is super smooth and easy to apply and gives a really natural looking finish. This isn't a super high coverage foundation, so it's definitely for those days you're heading out and just want a little something to give your skin a natural, flawless looking glow.

Natural Illusion Eyeshadow Trio

This is the perfect trio to make a number of simple, natural looks. Whether you'er after something light to just give your eyes that little extra something or want to go a little darker and smokier, this little number has you covered and again, the small size is perfect for on-the-go and travelling. There are two matte shades and one lighter shimmer shade. Both matte shades have great pigmentation and are super smooth to apply. I found the shimmer shade wasn't a super strong colour, though it can be built up, so its better for adding a more subtle sparkle to your look.

Kabuki Brush

Lastly you also get a little Kabuki Brush. This brush is super soft and perfect for applying the mineral foundation and again, a great size for when you're on-the-go.

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