My First Hot Stone Massage with Baggas

Last time it was my first ever facial, and during my latest trip to Baggas I got to try my first ever hot stone massage.

First, a bit about why hot stone massages are meant to be good for you.

The idea is that the heat from the stones, when placed onto your body, help to relax your muscles, which allows the beauty therapist to access deeper muscles when giving you the massage. The heat also helps to expand your bloody vessels and improve the blood circulation in your body while also helping to reduce stress, relieve pain and muscle stiffness and of course, let you relax. It is also said that it can help with boosting your metabolism.

The question I'm sure everyone was wondering, I know I was before I stepped in the room, is how hot are the stones? Will I be able to stand the heat!?

First point to make is that you can always let your beauty therapist know if the stones are to hot for you and they will make them cooler - never think you have to withstand the heat they've set, everyone is different.

What I noticed with the stones was, while they did feel quite hot when very first applied to my skin, it  wasn't long before the heat subsided - therefore the hotter part of the massage doesn't last for to long.

For each section of my body, the beauty therapist began by running at hot stone along my muscles and using it as part of the massage before then placing it on my body (for my hands she placed them in my palms for me to hold, on my feet she placed them on the soles while I was laying on my stomach so my feet held them in place and along my back).

The massage itself isn't suppose to be a super intense muscle massage. Of course you can always ask for more or less pressure from your beauty therapist, and mine still used a good amount pressure when it came to areas like my shoulders and neck - I found the massage was more about relaxing and letting this, along with the heat, relax you and your muscles.

If you're looking for a nice way to really chill out for an hour and treat yourself, or if you've got quite sore muscles that could use some help releasing tension, I think a hot stone massage is a great option.

Thank you to Baggas for letting me come in and try out one for myself - my experiences there have always been amazing! If you're a Newcastle, NSW local or are coming into the area I highly recommend Baggas for their beauty services.

What's your opinion?

  1. I could really use a massage! :o)

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