Getting the Chop with Suki Hairsdressing #savedbysuki

On my journey so far with Suki Hairdressing, I've been focusing on growing and thickening my hair. When I first walked into their salon all those months ago, my hair, while not as bad as I initially thought, was still in need of some professional care. As I've mentioned in previous posts, since being with Suki and the amazing Bek, the quality of my hair has improved tenfold.

I was also really focused on growing luscious long locks when I first sat in their chair, but the week before my most recent appointment I was starting to have a change of heart. Maybe it was thanks to seeing how nice my hair had become or the fact I'd spent the long weekend with all my girlfriends who almost all have beautiful short cuts, or maybe both. But when I sat down I knew it was time to get the chop. 

I need to give a big thank to my hairdresser Bek, she has nailed the colour and style every time I visit, and when I left this time with my shorter hair I had exactly what I went in there looking for - I find I rarely come out of a hairdresser looking exactly how I envisaged - the girl is good!

During my visit I was also given a Kerastase treatment at the basin to help strengthen my hair and also meant I got a double head massage in conjunction with my usual SmartBond treatment.

While I was enjoying growing my hair out, and have had great success in growing those annoying baby hairs around my face thanks to the Activance I was given during my last visit, I love having a shorter chop. The real quality and thickness of my hair is now on show and I don't think I've ever had such thick and healthy ends before.

You can see a before and after shot my hair below.

My hair has truely been #savedbbysuki

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