A moment to say thank you

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you ....

I may have said this in the odd blog or Instagram post, but I felt like it was time to really sit down and let everyone know how grateful I am.

I started this blogging and Instagram thing as a bit of fun and because it was a great avenue for me to get my creative on outside of studying - that was back in August 2015!

Since then my little corner of the Internet has grown, and while this isn't my full-time thing and frankly may never be so, I've always enjoyed having it on the side as something else to do outside of work or study and having a space to embrace my love for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

But through the support of all of you and the generosity of many brands and companies, I've had some amazing opportunities and continue to do so because of this space - so thank you! 

After taking on full-time work recently and trying to complete a dissertation to finish my Masters degree I've had moments where I've wondered if it's time to take a break, put this on pause or maybe step away for a longer period of time - which is why you may have noticed if you follow me over on Instagram, that there's been times I've gone a couple of days without posting, especially on the weekends; ya gurl needs a break sometimes.

I've had many moments where I look at my Instagram feed in particular and I'm sad and disappointed its not as exciting as some other people's feeds - that I don't have lots of cool shots in cool locations or time to play around with edits - but that's just it, unfortunately time is limited for me if I'm to get all my other commitments sorted, take of myself, keep a social life going and actually just chill out every now and then.

However whenever I take a break and step away, even for a few days, I do find some of the excitement for this reignited in me and I always come back. I think for me it's about realising that this isn't my full-time thing and therefore it's okay to not be on top of everything all the time, posting everyday and spending every spare minute I have left putting together content - there are certainly weeks I do that, but I've realised it's not healthy to be doing that when I've got many other things pulling me in different direction and requiring a fair chunk of my time and commitment.

So thank you also for hanging around when I do go quiet for a moment or two - here's to another three years of content!

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