Smell the Roses

A short but sweet post today...

If you're looking to get your body clean and smelling nice, along with your home, keep reading for some beautiful products that will do just that!

Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Body Wash & Lotion

If you like products that have a bit more of a bit  masculine scent, but not to strong, then you'll probably like this body wash and lotion from Crabtree & Evelyn.

The body wash contains extracts of cucumber, sage and rosemary, as well as Vitamin E, to leave your skin feeling fresh while making sure it doesn't dry out.

I found the body lotion to be quite light and it sunk into my skin fairly quickly. The scent does somewhat linger after application but it's nothing to overwhelming. The lotion contains avocado, shea, grapeseed and meadowfoam ,along with cucumber, sage and rosemary extracts just like the body wash.

Both the lotion and body wash come in full-size bottles and smaller versions which are perfect for travelling.

Wilds Magnolia Room Diffuser

The diffuser has quite a fresh and clean scent, which is perfect if you don't want anything to overpowering in your home. I also love the white packaging, though I know any and all dust will instantly become noticeable, but  maybe that will just make me clean more (lets be honest, that's probably not happening).

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