My first ever facial with Baggas

My name is Amy, I'm nearly 25 and up until recently I had never actually had a facial before. If I'm honest, apart from buying myself some nice skincare and making sure to always do my skincare routine, I never really invested anything further into my skin. While having a facial certainly sounded relaxing, I'd just never bothered to book myself one. However, after having my Picosure Skin Laser treatments through Skiinsure Laser Clinics and seeing how that managed to improve my skin, I've been thinking about doing more than just my home routine to up my skincare game.

So when the lovely people from Baggash ere in Newcastle reached out to me and asked if I wanted to give one of their beauty services a try, I took it as a sign that it was time to finally try a facial.

They may not have a sign, but if you're walking down Hunter Street you definitely cannot miss them. Baggas not only have a great range of skincare and your usually pharmacy products, they also have an awesome range of beauty services including makeup, eyelash extensions, a variety of facials, waxing, spray tanning and most recently they've introduced manicures, pedicures and hot stone massages! If you're thinking of treating yourself, keep reading because Baggas also hooked me up with a sweet discount code so you can get 50% off when you book one of their services online.

In terms of their facials they have three different kinds;
  • Express Facial [35 minutes]
  • Deep Cleanse Facial [45 minutes]
  • Signature Facial [60 minutes]

I opted for the Deep Cleanse facial because the name appealed to me. The Express Facial is perfect if you want a good cleanse and exfoliation of your skin but don't have heaps of time to spare, and the Signature Facial includes everything you get in the Deep Cleanse (keep reading to find out more) but has a longer massage time (which I certainly wouldn't be mad about).

The Deep Cleanse starts with a cleansing of your skin, followed by an exfoliation. The exfoliation however is done while a steam machine is positioned over your face, to really help open up the pores and, well, deep clean your skin. The product and steamer are left working on your skin for a few minutes while you get a soothing head massage (also my favourite part of being at the hairdressers). From there a mask is applied to your skin and is left to sit for a couple of minutes while you get a neck and shoulder massage, before being gently rubbed into the skin a little and removed. Before you head off, a nice serum and moisturiser are applied to your face and I promise you will walk out with glowing skin!

The facial may not be anything to extreme or extravagant (though I thought the steamer was a nice touch), but having someone else really take their time to throughly clean your skin and just give you a moment to really relax and chill out is priceless to me.

I totally get the facial hype and I will certainly be making more trips back, though I'm also intrigued by their new Hot Stone Massage, so watch this space for a possible review on that.

Lastly, before I go, if you're keen to treat yourself and your skin and want 50% OFF, all you need to do is enter the code AMY50 when you book any treatment on the Baggas Pharmacy website - you can thank me later.

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