Testing Mecca Cosmetica

I've walked through the stores many a time and been tempted by all the shelves lined with beautiful bottles and jars, but I've never actually delved into Mecca's own range of beauty products, Mecca Cosmetica. Well today that all changes as I share my thoughts on some of their very own products.

I would say this foundation is 'almost' longwear -  while it does hold up a lot better throughout the day compared to some of my other foundations, I still find this separates a bit by the end of a working day (which I think is pretty hard to avoid). I do like the buildable nature of this foundation though, and it sinks quite nicely into the skin when you apply it.

If you're looking for a palette to create a dynamic night-time look, look no further. A combination of matte and shimmery shades, this is a palette I gravitate towards - if I'm going to do an eyeshadow look I tend to stray on the darker side. The wonderful shade range means you have everything at hand to create a complete look and in terms of pigment and shimmer pay-off, this palette is not playing!

As someone who has gone off primer for the minute and also doesn't like an overly glowy look thanks to my oily skin, I don't find myself reaching for this all to often. However, I do like to add this to my cheeks before I pop on my foundation if I want to add an extra sheen to my look. I personally wouldn't recommend completely covering your face in this because the shine is real, but then again if that's a look you like, why hold back. I think this is best used on the points of your face that you're looking to add some highlight, and if you use a regular primer, use that across the rest of your face.

If you need a good liquid lipstick in your life, I can't recommend this one enough! Not only do I love this shade, the way this dries down is how every liquid lipstick should. It dries down nice and matte and doesn't wear off, but doesn't go super dry and crack on the lips at all. In fact once it's fully dry you pretty much can't even feel it on your lips; 10/10 recommend.

I've never really used a banana powder before as I've always shied away from the idea of a yellow powder on my face. This powder is super smooth and gives a nice matte finish, but I don't like to use to much because my skin tone doesn't really compliment the yellow all that well If however banana powder is your jam, I think you're going to like this one.

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