Obagi-C Rx System

This is the second time I've chatted about Obagi's products (see the first post here). This brand are a specialty pharmaceutical company with products that are designed to tackle a range of skin issues including hyperpigmentation, acne and sun damage, and also help to minimize the appearance of premature skin aging. Now you won't just find these guys sitting on the shelves at your local Priceline or supermarket because they contain 4% prescription hydroquinone, so they are available only through physicians, medical spas and other skin care and medical professionals. If you see them being sold anywhere online then be cautious, because they are most likely not genuine OBAGI products. In my previous post I checked out their Nu-Derm System range but today I'm taking a closer look at their Obagi-C Rx System range.

This range has been formulated for normal to dry skin and contains products with 4% hydroquinone which helps to reduce hyperpigmentation in the form of dark spots and melasma. The products also contain a number of other ingredients which help with anti-aging, which is mostly where my interest lies (remember it's all about being proactive and slowing the ageing before it sets in).

This gel does what any good cleanser should. As well as helping to clean your face of any dirt or makeup morning and night, it will also help to clarify your skin as it cleans out all the muck. I love the pink colour of this gel - I think it's nice and unique touch. This product gives a medium lather on my face and has a really mild, but nice clean scent - so perfect for anyone out there who isn't a strong fan of scents.

You know I'm all about having a serum in your skincare routine and if you're looking for something to start you out that can really help get your skin looking good, this Obagi one isn't a bad place to start. This serum contains 10% L-ascorbic acid which helps the Vitamin C in the serum get sucked straight into your skin to help prevent ageing and protects your skin from environmental damage.

The description of this mositusier says it is lightweight, but I personally prefer to use this one at night as I find it a little intense for having under makeup - but that will all depend on your skin type and what you personally prefer. This lotion not only helps to hydrate your skin, it has a light exfoliate to keep your face fresh and give you a brighter complexion. Again I feel the scent of this is quite mild but I do enjoy it - I find it hard to describe but I feel it's almost on the sweeter side.

C-Balancing Toner
If you've got normal skin or skin that is a little on the oiler side, this is a great toner for you. First great thing about this toner is that it's alcohol-free and won't dry out your skin. It also helps to balance the pH of your skin and give it a Vitamin C boost which will help with the anti-aging and reduction of hyper-pigmentation. There is also witch hazel and aloe inside which will help to soothe your skin. I find the scent of this to be a little more pharmaceutical - almost sun screen like and I love the pump system so you don't waste product and only use exactly what you need - so you really get bang for your buck.

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