July Bellabox

What would a month be on my blog without a little Bellabox unboxing. I actually really loved this month's addition, which featured a bunch of products that are perfect to take with you on your overseas adventures - particularly for those long-haul flights. The only downside was I felt sad I'm not actually heading on a holiday anytime soon to use these products - I guess I'll simply have to pretend as I use them at home.

Mor Eau de Parfum

A little bottle of this sweet smelling stuff is absolutely perfect for air travel - it's well under the liquid limit so you can easily take it on board and freshen yourself up before you arrive at your destination. While I find I can't smell the Mor perfumes after a while, whenever I wear their scents I'll continue to get compliments throughout the day on my perfume, meaning this guy hangs in there for the long haul.

Nerium Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches

All that time in the sky doesn't do any wonders for your skin - sucking out all the moisture. To help refresh your skin towards the end of the flight, these eye patches from Nerium are a good go-to. Not only will you feel like you're in the middle of a spa, the cooling patches will help to reduce any puffiness from the stuffy airplane air and lack of sleep thanks to the crying children three aisles down, while also helping to wake you up and prepare for the haul out of the airport. 

Emily Fruit Crisps

A hot tip for flying: always take your own snacks.

While I like the idea of these, I have to say that unfortunately I didn't love them. That may be because I had pineapple flavour and I'm the type of girl who pretty much only eats pineapple when it's on a pizza (yes it does belong there). I feel like a berry flavour could be something I could get along with, but eating such a high concentration of fruit does have me wondering about the sugar intake. That said, they certainly would make the perfect airplane snack if you're a dried fruit fan - certainly cheaper than buy the $5 mini packet of Pringles from the in-flight menu.

Swisse Skincare Bamboo Facial Exfoliant

When you've finally made it to your destination and can finally take a shower in your hotel room, this product is the perfect thing to have handy. The exfoliant in the product will really help to remove any dirt and dry skin build-up from your flight. The oils and acids in the product will also help to bring some life back to your face and rebalance your skin.

Manna Kadar Blush

No one wants to have to take a stack of products with them when they travel - they just take up extra space that you could fill with all the things you want to buy on your holiday and you're forever in fear each time you open your suitcase that this will be the time something has been crushed or exploded. So having multi-use products is a must-have for travelling, and that's where this Manna Kadar blush comes in handy. The mix of bronze, gold and blush in the product means it's perfect for all three uses and it's a compact size and won't be taking up any unnecessary room in your suitcase.

Glamourflage Facial Mask

Whether you want to whack this on during your flight or save it for some pampering when you reach your hotel room, having a facial sheet mask or two handy is essential for helping your skin recover after a flight. A nice long-haul flight will really do a number on the hydration of your skin and suck out every last drop. Whacking one of these on as you come to the end of your flight or once you've settled in will go a long way to helping restore that lost moisture and give you a moment to relax before the adventuring begins.

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