Getting Glowy Skin with Picosure Laser

Last time I chatted to you guys about my Picosure laser treatments at Skiinsure Laser Clinics here in Newcastle, I had completed my first two treatments.

Since then I've had my third and my fourth treatment (just last Saturday), so I wanted to come back and chat about how I've been going with it and my feelings on it now I've completed all my sessions.

A quick little recap on what Picosure is and does;

This treatment can tackle a range of things including pigmentation, tattoo removal, scarring, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and enlarged pores. For spots, other pigmentation and tattoo removal, Picosure is the fastest technology on the market. By delivering ultra-short pulses of energy to the skin, it shatters the ink or pigment particles and allows the body to quickly absorb the pigmentation.

As with my first two treatments, I had a great experience at the clinic during my last two visits and I'm going to miss seeing the girls at Skiinsure every month.

Each time I went in they would cleanse my face first and then apply a light peel/exfoliant which is why my skin can look a little red in the pictures as they were taken after the exfoliant but before each laser session.

If you're looking for more information about the laser treatment itself, what it feels like during and after and all the bits, bobs and facts the girls told me during my first session, go check out my first blog post here.

As I mentioned in the previous post, after each session, usually the following day, I would get a few congestion breakouts usually for me around my temples and a little on the forehead. With my last treatment I also noticed a few popped up on my cheeks which are all usually areas I don't break out in, however this congestion is completely normal and it will go away within a day or two without any intense treatment - I generally just leave mine alone and they easily and quickly go away on their own.

So how I am feeling about my skin after my four treatments?

As I mentioned previously, my results will continue to improve over the coming months so I will have to check back in six months time or so and see what further improvements I've seen.

I didn't head into Skiinsure Laser Clinics with any major skin concerns - no major pigmentation or fines lines and wrinkles, so for me it was about making the skin I have look healthier, plumper and have a more natural glow - I also see it as a good preventative measure in terms of anti-aging.

A lot of laser treatments work by burning away the top layer of your skin, but Picosure does all the work internally under the layers. The laser promotes the growth of collage and elastin which is what helps to fill out any fine lines, wrinkles and generally help plump up your skin.

With the side-by-side picture below, the top picture is before my very first treatment and the bottom picture is before my last treatment. Notice the nicer glow, particularly on the high points of my cheeks and the fuller look my skin has, again particularly on the cheek area.

I still get some hormonal breakouts and breakouts if I don't clean my skin right or I'm not eating properly, drinking enough water and generally not looking after my body as I should and these are natural processes and reactions that no treatment will solve, but when I'm on track with my skin and it's having a good day, it's has REALLY GOOD DAY.

I've posted some pictures side-by-side below (the only time I'll take pictures this close to my face) with a picture taken directly after my fourth treatment and the other taken today (almost three days after). As laser has an intense heat, my pores are quite open and enlarged directly after the treatment, however a couple of days following the treatment my pores have tightened up and minimised.

Having four treatments is about the standard, however some people will also go in for a total of six depending on the skin concerns you're looking to target.

My skin texture feels and looks smoother and I said it has a better flow and looks plumper - these are results that can be hard to see in pictures but I'm telling you on a day-to-day basis I've seen improvements. 

What's your opinion?

  1. What a great improvement!I would like to try this treatment (:

    CM | XIII.


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