Double Leather

People talk about double denim, but what about double leather? I love me an all black outfit, so bringing together these leather pieces with some grey tones is something I'm all about. 

I think when it comes to the double leather look, you can't be sporting to much obviously fake, cheap looking leathers/pleathers; none of this vinyl, likely to peel after three washes stuff. I've paired these faux leather pants from H&M (similar) with this genius leather motorbike-equse jacket from NEUW.

While the leather may be the furthest thing from real, it's something you can instantly spot when you look and feel these pants. The pleather isn't shiny but has a matte finish, and the pants themselves have a decent thickness to them. I also love that their a straight leg, because I feel that sometimes skin-tight leather or pleather pants just add to the cheap looking vibe; not to mention it's not the most comfortable.

When I picture what a leather biker jacket should be, this NEUW jacket is what I envision; to me it's the epitomny of biker leather jackets. While most jackets that call themselves biker jackets would tear through to the skin in seconds if you ever truely wore one while riding a motorbike and hit the dirt, I have no doubt this jacket would actually keep you safe. The leather is real and super thick, which its a decent weight and is quite stiff to move in at first, but the more you wear it the more it begins to give. I sized up in mine to give that classic oversized look I always love (so I always have the option to hide any food babies) and I just know this is one of those pieces I'll have in my wardrobe for the rest of my life and will probably stand the test of time to be handed down to my next generation.

I've thrown it together with this Union Jack t-shirt which I've had from Zara for years and brought over in Europe before Zara even landed on Australian shores. I have to say for a piece that would probably be classed as fast fashion, I have been extremely impressed with how this shirt has held up. The print has always been faded and the shirt always super soft and it has neither faded any further or lost its shape or structure. The fit and sizing of this top is exactly how I wish all relaxed style t-shirts would.

What's your opinion?

  1. I absolutely LOVE those trousers! They look such good quality too and love the relaxed style of them!
    Amy xx


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