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  • If I'm not wearing statement boots then you can bet that it'll be my jacket instead. The minute I saw this jacket from Glamourous I just knew I had to have it. It's pretty loud and draws plenty of eyes, but it is absolutely perfect to pair with the plainest of outfits and look like you've put plenty of thought into styling. I've just paired it this stripe mesh bodysuit from Rosegal and a classic pair of black, high waisted skinny jeans.

    . 7/30/18 .

    I Don't Care Club

    . 7/30/18 .

    If I'm not wearing statement boots then you can bet that it'll be my jacket instead. The minute I saw this jacket from Glamourous I just knew I had to have it. It's pretty loud and draws plenty of eyes, but it is absolutely perfect to pair with the plainest of outfits and look like you've put plenty of thought into styling. I've just paired it this stripe mesh bodysuit from Rosegal and a classic pair of black, high waisted skinny jeans.

    . 7/25/18 .

    What would a month be on my blog without a little Bellabox unboxing. I actually really loved this month's addition, which featured a bunch of products that are perfect to take with you on your overseas adventures - particularly for those long-haul flights. The only downside was I felt sad I'm not actually heading on a holiday anytime soon to use these products - I guess I'll simply have to pretend as I use them at home.

    Mor Eau de Parfum

    A little bottle of this sweet smelling stuff is absolutely perfect for air travel - it's well under the liquid limit so you can easily take it on board and freshen yourself up before you arrive at your destination. While I find I can't smell the Mor perfumes after a while, whenever I wear their scents I'll continue to get compliments throughout the day on my perfume, meaning this guy hangs in there for the long haul.

    Nerium Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches

    All that time in the sky doesn't do any wonders for your skin - sucking out all the moisture. To help refresh your skin towards the end of the flight, these eye patches from Nerium are a good go-to. Not only will you feel like you're in the middle of a spa, the cooling patches will help to reduce any puffiness from the stuffy airplane air and lack of sleep thanks to the crying children three aisles down, while also helping to wake you up and prepare for the haul out of the airport. 

    Emily Fruit Crisps

    A hot tip for flying: always take your own snacks.

    While I like the idea of these, I have to say that unfortunately I didn't love them. That may be because I had pineapple flavour and I'm the type of girl who pretty much only eats pineapple when it's on a pizza (yes it does belong there). I feel like a berry flavour could be something I could get along with, but eating such a high concentration of fruit does have me wondering about the sugar intake. That said, they certainly would make the perfect airplane snack if you're a dried fruit fan - certainly cheaper than buy the $5 mini packet of Pringles from the in-flight menu.

    Swisse Skincare Bamboo Facial Exfoliant

    When you've finally made it to your destination and can finally take a shower in your hotel room, this product is the perfect thing to have handy. The exfoliant in the product will really help to remove any dirt and dry skin build-up from your flight. The oils and acids in the product will also help to bring some life back to your face and rebalance your skin.

    Manna Kadar Blush

    No one wants to have to take a stack of products with them when they travel - they just take up extra space that you could fill with all the things you want to buy on your holiday and you're forever in fear each time you open your suitcase that this will be the time something has been crushed or exploded. So having multi-use products is a must-have for travelling, and that's where this Manna Kadar blush comes in handy. The mix of bronze, gold and blush in the product means it's perfect for all three uses and it's a compact size and won't be taking up any unnecessary room in your suitcase.

    Glamourflage Facial Mask

    Whether you want to whack this on during your flight or save it for some pampering when you reach your hotel room, having a facial sheet mask or two handy is essential for helping your skin recover after a flight. A nice long-haul flight will really do a number on the hydration of your skin and suck out every last drop. Whacking one of these on as you come to the end of your flight or once you've settled in will go a long way to helping restore that lost moisture and give you a moment to relax before the adventuring begins.
    . 7/23/18 .

    There's been some good stuff coming through my mailbox lately that I thought I would share some of the products I've been trying out.

    This product isn't new to me, but Biore kindly sent me a few as a surprise in my mail and with them being one of my favourite skincare brands, I certainly wasn't disappointed to see more of these on my doorstep. I'm particularly a fan of these masks. If you're skin is feeling clogged and lifeless but you don't have a lot of time to spare, these masks are the go. As the name suggests, you only really have to pop them on for a minute or two. When you apply the product and massage it into your face, you'll feel it heat up (which can be a bit of an odd sensation at first). Continue to massage the product into the face for another minute or so, rinse, and you're good to go. The perfect little pick-me up for my busy gals out there.

    This seems like a bit of a gimmick, but I've surprisingly come to really like these new eyeliners from Revlon. I think this type of product will either be a hit or miss with people, and it is something that can take a minute to get the hang off. I've haven't come across an eyeliner with a roller end like this before, and I have to say I don't completely hate it. The roller was a little tricky to use at first, but when you're using it almost daily like me, it doesn't take long to get the hang off. I was also really impressed with the formula of the liner. Something I struggle with when doing wing liner is how it fades and rubs off throughout the day. This liner however dries down so that when you want to remove it you pretty much have to peel it off. This formula means it sticks really well to the eye, though it can be a little prone to cracking. For something that I thought was going to be just a big gimmick I was pretty impressed and wouldn't knock back purchasing these again.

    If you're looking to give your skin a bit of a Vitamin C injection, look no further than this serum from Dermalogica. You know I love a good serum, and this product will help to give you a brighter and firmer complexion and boost your skins' natural defences from everyday pollutants and sun damage (though you should always remember to pop on a little SPF before you head out the door each day to really give your skin some proper protection).

    I think the most important thing to remember with products like these is that they are not a miracle worker. Depending on what you're targeting, how your skin and body reacts and works and a number of other things, these type of products can certainly help to reduce, in the case of this product, stubborn fat in areas. That said, attempting to use this only and not doing any sort of exercise or making other healthy changes to also target any such issues you may have will not do the trick. This product is designed to give you a little bit of a boost on top of the work you're already doing. This spray is best to apply either just before or just after you work out in areas of fat you're wanting to reduce. This product then aims to help increase the use of fatty acids to boost your energy levels as you workout or as your recover, particularly from the targeted areas, to help you shift those stubborn little pockets. I've tried some similar products like this before and I found they could heat up to a point that was a little uncomfortable and unpleasant, but I didn't find this happening with this product. I've applied both before and after exercise, just depending on whether or not I've left myself enough time beforehand to do so, but it absorbs really quickly so it's not hassle if you find yourself preferring to use it beforehand.

    This also isn't the first time I've gotten the chance to give this serum ago. I actually previously talked about it in a blog post here. This serum has a whole range of B-Vitamins to help rebalance your skin and protect it from UV rays. It also helps to keep your skin hydrated by boosting your skins' immune response, which also goes a long way in giving a brighter complexion while tackling aging. When I first applied this, it felt a bit oily to me and I thought this was a product I wouldn't be able to use, but then I found it sunk into my skin so quickly and didn't leave me feeling oily at all. You don't need to use much of this and it leaves my skin feeling so nice and soft. I also love the scent of this product; it has a somewhat sweet, but not overly powerful, scent that makes me feel so lux.

    . 7/19/18 .

    My trouser collection is coming along nicely thanks to my most recent purchase - these badass snake print trousers from Neon Hart I grabbed from my local General Pants store. They're the perfect piece to take your look from casual to absolute fire in a second. I've got two outfits going on here - first, keeping it simple with this Stussy straight neckline crop and my platform Doc Martins

    I've also gone for something a little more edgy (just in case my pants weren't drawing enough attention to myself) with this high-neck crop from H&M, my pleather biker jacket from Boohoo and my white Nikes (similar).

    What do we think of some snakeprint on the legs - yay or nah?

    . 7/17/18 .

    When it comes to Bobbi Brown products, I've always been a bit of a fan - recently however I started using a product of their's which has made me a complete Bobbi Brown convert. I've found my favourite foundation ever! Keep on reading to find out more.

    I've gone off the primer bandwagon for the time being, but that doesn't mean I still can't find a use for this product. While it is marketed to double as a primer, it is also a moisturiser which is what I've been using it for. I find the formula interesting - it feels quite thick and hydrating, like something I would use as a night moisturiser and yet when it dries it sinks nicely into the skin and does leave a more matte finish than your typical moisturiser. I've been trying to cut back on wearing foundation to work everyday and this is a great option for me for those days to give my skin a matte, less oily look. I also love the scent of this product and while it seems quite strong in the tub and when you first apply the product, the smell does subside.

    I've found my favourite foundation of all time (at least for the time being that is)! I was first impressed with how well this settled into my skin upon application - it took no time at all to look flawless and stayed that way as I applied the rest of my makeup. The thing that really sold it for me though was how it looked when I checked in the mirror after spending all day at work - it was still all in place! While I had a little bit of shine coming through (nothing is ever going to completely stop that) it hadn't separated around my forehead, chin or nose where foundation usually does and it still looked completely on point - I was shook! I didn't even need to use much of the product to get myself a good coverage and this is a great buildable foundation, so you can go a little lighter some days or go full glam if you're feeling it. Seriously go out and get yourself a sample and try this for yourself!

    I don't usually like to end things on a negative note but we're going to have to this time around. This is the only product in the Bobbi Brown range that I've tried that I haven't gotten along with and just can't get on board the hype with. Maybe it's because I don't have any major dark circles or blemishes that I'm trying to correct on a daily basis, but I find this concealer way to thick and full on for my liking. While sometimes I don't mind caking the makeup on a little harder for a night out, I find this concealer so thick that it's quite hard to work with, and when I use it under my eyes it leaves them looking instantly cakey. I know so many people who have sworn by this concealer but I just can't keep on board this boat this time.

    . 7/13/18 .

    This is the second time I've chatted about Obagi's products (see the first post here). This brand are a specialty pharmaceutical company with products that are designed to tackle a range of skin issues including hyperpigmentation, acne and sun damage, and also help to minimize the appearance of premature skin aging. Now you won't just find these guys sitting on the shelves at your local Priceline or supermarket because they contain 4% prescription hydroquinone, so they are available only through physicians, medical spas and other skin care and medical professionals. If you see them being sold anywhere online then be cautious, because they are most likely not genuine OBAGI products. In my previous post I checked out their Nu-Derm System range but today I'm taking a closer look at their Obagi-C Rx System range.

    This range has been formulated for normal to dry skin and contains products with 4% hydroquinone which helps to reduce hyperpigmentation in the form of dark spots and melasma. The products also contain a number of other ingredients which help with anti-aging, which is mostly where my interest lies (remember it's all about being proactive and slowing the ageing before it sets in).

    This gel does what any good cleanser should. As well as helping to clean your face of any dirt or makeup morning and night, it will also help to clarify your skin as it cleans out all the muck. I love the pink colour of this gel - I think it's nice and unique touch. This product gives a medium lather on my face and has a really mild, but nice clean scent - so perfect for anyone out there who isn't a strong fan of scents.

    You know I'm all about having a serum in your skincare routine and if you're looking for something to start you out that can really help get your skin looking good, this Obagi one isn't a bad place to start. This serum contains 10% L-ascorbic acid which helps the Vitamin C in the serum get sucked straight into your skin to help prevent ageing and protects your skin from environmental damage.

    The description of this mositusier says it is lightweight, but I personally prefer to use this one at night as I find it a little intense for having under makeup - but that will all depend on your skin type and what you personally prefer. This lotion not only helps to hydrate your skin, it has a light exfoliate to keep your face fresh and give you a brighter complexion. Again I feel the scent of this is quite mild but I do enjoy it - I find it hard to describe but I feel it's almost on the sweeter side.

    C-Balancing Toner
    If you've got normal skin or skin that is a little on the oiler side, this is a great toner for you. First great thing about this toner is that it's alcohol-free and won't dry out your skin. It also helps to balance the pH of your skin and give it a Vitamin C boost which will help with the anti-aging and reduction of hyper-pigmentation. There is also witch hazel and aloe inside which will help to soothe your skin. I find the scent of this to be a little more pharmaceutical - almost sun screen like and I love the pump system so you don't waste product and only use exactly what you need - so you really get bang for your buck.

    . 7/10/18 .

    Last time I chatted to you guys about my Picosure laser treatments at Skiinsure Laser Clinics here in Newcastle, I had completed my first two treatments.

    Since then I've had my third and my fourth treatment (just last Saturday), so I wanted to come back and chat about how I've been going with it and my feelings on it now I've completed all my sessions.

    A quick little recap on what Picosure is and does;

    This treatment can tackle a range of things including pigmentation, tattoo removal, scarring, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and enlarged pores. For spots, other pigmentation and tattoo removal, Picosure is the fastest technology on the market. By delivering ultra-short pulses of energy to the skin, it shatters the ink or pigment particles and allows the body to quickly absorb the pigmentation.

    As with my first two treatments, I had a great experience at the clinic during my last two visits and I'm going to miss seeing the girls at Skiinsure every month.

    Each time I went in they would cleanse my face first and then apply a light peel/exfoliant which is why my skin can look a little red in the pictures as they were taken after the exfoliant but before each laser session.

    If you're looking for more information about the laser treatment itself, what it feels like during and after and all the bits, bobs and facts the girls told me during my first session, go check out my first blog post here.

    As I mentioned in the previous post, after each session, usually the following day, I would get a few congestion breakouts usually for me around my temples and a little on the forehead. With my last treatment I also noticed a few popped up on my cheeks which are all usually areas I don't break out in, however this congestion is completely normal and it will go away within a day or two without any intense treatment - I generally just leave mine alone and they easily and quickly go away on their own.

    So how I am feeling about my skin after my four treatments?

    As I mentioned previously, my results will continue to improve over the coming months so I will have to check back in six months time or so and see what further improvements I've seen.

    I didn't head into Skiinsure Laser Clinics with any major skin concerns - no major pigmentation or fines lines and wrinkles, so for me it was about making the skin I have look healthier, plumper and have a more natural glow - I also see it as a good preventative measure in terms of anti-aging.

    A lot of laser treatments work by burning away the top layer of your skin, but Picosure does all the work internally under the layers. The laser promotes the growth of collage and elastin which is what helps to fill out any fine lines, wrinkles and generally help plump up your skin.

    With the side-by-side picture below, the top picture is before my very first treatment and the bottom picture is before my last treatment. Notice the nicer glow, particularly on the high points of my cheeks and the fuller look my skin has, again particularly on the cheek area.

    I still get some hormonal breakouts and breakouts if I don't clean my skin right or I'm not eating properly, drinking enough water and generally not looking after my body as I should and these are natural processes and reactions that no treatment will solve, but when I'm on track with my skin and it's having a good day, it's has REALLY GOOD DAY.

    I've posted some pictures side-by-side below (the only time I'll take pictures this close to my face) with a picture taken directly after my fourth treatment and the other taken today (almost three days after). As laser has an intense heat, my pores are quite open and enlarged directly after the treatment, however a couple of days following the treatment my pores have tightened up and minimised.

    Having four treatments is about the standard, however some people will also go in for a total of six depending on the skin concerns you're looking to target.

    My skin texture feels and looks smoother and I said it has a better flow and looks plumper - these are results that can be hard to see in pictures but I'm telling you on a day-to-day basis I've seen improvements. 
    . 7/5/18 .

    People talk about double denim, but what about double leather? I love me an all black outfit, so bringing together these leather pieces with some grey tones is something I'm all about. 

    I think when it comes to the double leather look, you can't be sporting to much obviously fake, cheap looking leathers/pleathers; none of this vinyl, likely to peel after three washes stuff. I've paired these faux leather pants from H&M (similar) with this genius leather motorbike-equse jacket from NEUW.

    While the leather may be the furthest thing from real, it's something you can instantly spot when you look and feel these pants. The pleather isn't shiny but has a matte finish, and the pants themselves have a decent thickness to them. I also love that their a straight leg, because I feel that sometimes skin-tight leather or pleather pants just add to the cheap looking vibe; not to mention it's not the most comfortable.

    When I picture what a leather biker jacket should be, this NEUW jacket is what I envision; to me it's the epitomny of biker leather jackets. While most jackets that call themselves biker jackets would tear through to the skin in seconds if you ever truely wore one while riding a motorbike and hit the dirt, I have no doubt this jacket would actually keep you safe. The leather is real and super thick, which its a decent weight and is quite stiff to move in at first, but the more you wear it the more it begins to give. I sized up in mine to give that classic oversized look I always love (so I always have the option to hide any food babies) and I just know this is one of those pieces I'll have in my wardrobe for the rest of my life and will probably stand the test of time to be handed down to my next generation.

    I've thrown it together with this Union Jack t-shirt which I've had from Zara for years and brought over in Europe before Zara even landed on Australian shores. I have to say for a piece that would probably be classed as fast fashion, I have been extremely impressed with how this shirt has held up. The print has always been faded and the shirt always super soft and it has neither faded any further or lost its shape or structure. The fit and sizing of this top is exactly how I wish all relaxed style t-shirts would.

    . 7/3/18 .

    I've walked through the stores many a time and been tempted by all the shelves lined with beautiful bottles and jars, but I've never actually delved into Mecca's own range of beauty products, Mecca Cosmetica. Well today that all changes as I share my thoughts on some of their very own products.

    I would say this foundation is 'almost' longwear -  while it does hold up a lot better throughout the day compared to some of my other foundations, I still find this separates a bit by the end of a working day (which I think is pretty hard to avoid). I do like the buildable nature of this foundation though, and it sinks quite nicely into the skin when you apply it.

    If you're looking for a palette to create a dynamic night-time look, look no further. A combination of matte and shimmery shades, this is a palette I gravitate towards - if I'm going to do an eyeshadow look I tend to stray on the darker side. The wonderful shade range means you have everything at hand to create a complete look and in terms of pigment and shimmer pay-off, this palette is not playing!

    As someone who has gone off primer for the minute and also doesn't like an overly glowy look thanks to my oily skin, I don't find myself reaching for this all to often. However, I do like to add this to my cheeks before I pop on my foundation if I want to add an extra sheen to my look. I personally wouldn't recommend completely covering your face in this because the shine is real, but then again if that's a look you like, why hold back. I think this is best used on the points of your face that you're looking to add some highlight, and if you use a regular primer, use that across the rest of your face.

    If you need a good liquid lipstick in your life, I can't recommend this one enough! Not only do I love this shade, the way this dries down is how every liquid lipstick should. It dries down nice and matte and doesn't wear off, but doesn't go super dry and crack on the lips at all. In fact once it's fully dry you pretty much can't even feel it on your lips; 10/10 recommend.

    I've never really used a banana powder before as I've always shied away from the idea of a yellow powder on my face. This powder is super smooth and gives a nice matte finish, but I don't like to use to much because my skin tone doesn't really compliment the yellow all that well If however banana powder is your jam, I think you're going to like this one.