Saved by Suki

Suki Hairdressing and I are going on a very important mission.... to save my hair.

I've been blonde my entire life. From having white hair as a small child to bleaching, highlighting and dying my hair since it started to turn brown. My hair has been through a lot and withstood it for a very long time, but a couple of years ago (after some mishandling from a hairdresser) my hair just fell to pieces. I lost length and thickness and I've been trying to get it back ever since.

My hair has certainly gotten thicker and longer since then, but I still feel like it's a little subpar; that's where Suki Hairdressing are coming to my rescue.

Suki Hairdressing is a L'Oreal salon based here in Newcastle, NSW. I'd heard about them before but I had never ventured in. Suki aren't about doing anything to crazy with hair; they are all about getting hair looking fresh, natural and healthy (everything I'm looking for at the moment).

When I went in, I had let my last balayage grow out a fair bit, and while I had been liking the extra brown I was beginning to no longer feel like such a fan. I didn't however feel like I was ready to go completely blonde. I was also open to having as much hair cut off as necessary to help the healing process. I basically left my hair in the hands of Suki's blonde expert, Bek, and came out super impressed and happy.

We decided to keep a little brown at the roots to help give my hair the illusion of being thicker and having more volume then it actually does. The brown roots also help to extend time between appointments because it becomes less obvious when your hair does start to grow out. We also lightened up the blonde and didn't have to cut off to much length in the end, while also adding a few layers under the hair to give a little more volume.

I also picked up some styling tips along the way which might take me a little longer to master but should help me have hairdresser-fresh feeling hair at home when I do.

The salon itself is great. The design is simple but sophisticated and they have great little touches, including popping your name and appointment time on the mirror in your allocated spot (so you feel a little bit VIP when you arrive). Bek and the owner Sandy were super welcoming and so forthcoming with tips, advice and knowledge to help me with my hair.

Before I left the girls also stocked me up with loads of good haircare products (all products they used while I was there) to help keep my hair in good knick until my next appointment in six weeks time (I'm already excited to go back).

SmartBond Professional SmartBond No 3
This is my new go-to conditioner. This stuff will help to repair the inside of my hair to help in the process of getting it long and thick again. When I used and brushed it though in the shower I was nervous my hair wouldn't come out feeling very soft or tangle-free when I dried it without putting my usual hair oil in. I was however pleasantly surprised and still find my hair feels really soft and smooth, and I know it's getting all sorts of good treatment benefits at the same time.

If I'm ever wanting to get my hair looking super shiny and feeling a little smoother than the SmartBond can achieve, this hair treatment is something I can grab. I think I'll be giving this a go when hair washing time swings around again to test it out.

L'oreal Magnesium Silver Shampoo
To help maintain a nice clean, white blonde colour, this is my go-to shampoo. Popping this in my hair and letting it sit for a few minutes before washing it out will help to rid my hair of any yellow tones and keep it looking fresh and on-point.

This shampoo was also given to me. If I find that using the purple shampoo is starting to give my hair a bit of a purple tinge and I'm not feeling like having that, then I can use this shampoo every other wash instead. This shampoo aimed at helping strengthen damaged hair and stopping breakage.

Keratase Ciment Thermique
If you have colour treated hair you should never be going without some sort of heat protectant. This product also adds to the overall softness that my hair has even after being heat treated. A little goes a long way and the best way to apply this is to put some between your hands and pull your hair back like you're putting it up in a ponytail and run it through the hair. Then, any you have left on your hands you run through the top. I also love the smell of this stuff and it gives my hair that 'I just left the hairdresser' scent but in my own bathroom.

As Bek described it to me, if hairspray and dry shampoo came together and had a baby, you'd get this stuff. As someone who prefers a bit of a messy, undone look to my hair (mainly because I tend to touch my hair so much during the day that I mess up any hairstyle I have and my hairstyling time in the morning is minimal and therefore this type of look is basically all I have time for), this will help to give me that look but still keep it looking neat. Whether I'm popping in a bit of a wave and want it to hold a little better, or just want to add some texture, spraying this Kevin Murphy product in at the end will help. This can also help me extend time between hair washes.

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