Revlon PhotoReady Collection

Let me introduce you to the new collection from Revlon, the PhotoReady Collection. It's feel like it's been a while since I've really dived into some new makeup, I feel a lot of my recent posts and reviews have been around skincare, so I'm super excited to bring some makeup back to the table. As the name of this collection suggests, Revlon has brought out a range of products aimed at helping you get that flawless look; so know matter where you go or what you do, you're always ready if someone whips out a camera. They kindly sent me a few pieces from the new collection to test out, so keep on reading to hear my thoughts.

With a name like that I was putting some high expectations on this foundation. Firstly, I love the design of the packaging. The product dispenses as you twist the base and comes out through the top of the sponge. It's such a great way to have real control over the amount of product you're using, so you don't waste anything, which I love. I don't actually use the sponge to apply it, I just use my regular Beauty Blender, but there is certainly no reason you can't use it and it would be the perfect solution if you found yourself without any other tools on hand for whatever reason. 

When I was first applied this, I wasn't sold straight away. As I applied I felt like it wasn't settling into the skin and I worried it was going to sit funny. However, I gave it another minute or two to settle and damn was I impressed. Nothing is going to make your skin flawless, but I certainly felt like I'd gotten a few steps closer. The foundation settled so smoothly onto my skin and didn't grab on to any dry areas or imperfections. 

I tend to wear my makeup for most of the day as I work, so all foundations certainly get a decent test run. I also have an oiler base to my skin and it's almost impossible to find a foundation that hasn't separated to some extent by the end of the day. This foundation didn't break any records in that department but I certainly felt it looked better when I got home at the end of the day than some other products I've used in the past.

I've heard so much about colour correcting, but I never really bothered to give it a go. But with these Colour Correcting Pens in front of me, I figured it was time. While I don't have any major pigmentation issues, though I certainly get some redness around pimples and dry areas at times, I was definitely impressed with the results of using these. 

If you're the same as I was and have no idea which colour is meant to go where, here's a quick run down; green helps to counteract red, purple for any places you're looking to brighten and an orange or lemon shade will fight away the dark circles. 

I tend to find myself mostly reaching for the green and also adding a little orange under my eyes for good measure, and did I mention I've been impressed. Firstly, the colour is intense enough to work it's magic (especially when it comes to using the green to hide redness) but it doesn't show through once you've applied your concealer and preferred foundation. They also had no adverse affect on the foundation or concealer. Honestly, if you suffer from any colour or dull skin issues, or you're just looking to add a little more perfection to your look, I couldn't recommend these more.

I have to say, I haven't really tried that many setting sprays but I'm still on the fence about them. A lot of beauty gurus rave about them and how vital they are, but I can't say I've been sold yet. Maybe it's just my skin type, but when I used the Insta-Filter foundation both with and without the setting spray during a full day at work, I didn't notice any major differences. I do tend to be wearing my makeup for extended periods of time to the point I'm not sure any product is really going to salvage the damage, but I still hoped to see some sort of improvement. This is the only product I received that I don't see myself reaching for all that often.

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