June Bellabox

It's Bellabox time again; so lets dive in and see what arrived on my doorstep this month.

I currently have so many Neutrogena goodies stock piled in my spare room, but I'm never mad to add more to the collection. Neutrogena is one of my favourite skincare brands and my skin seems to always get along with their cleansers in particular, so I can't wait to try this out. This scrub aims to clear away dead skin cells and clear our your pores to help your skin look and feel refreshed and clean. I always love having a more exfoliating scrub to use at night in the shower to really help clean my skin after a day of wearing makeup and dirt build up.

When it comes to nail polish, I'm a huge fan of a more neutral shade. Particularly because I'm now working full-time, having a more neutral shade means I don't have to redo my nails after every weekend to make them work-ready. While I do love exploring into more vibrant colours sometimes, a colour like this is defiantly my go-to.

I took a trip to the hairdresser this weekend (a blog post on that will be coming shortly) and they stocked me up with a bunch of products, including a hair treatment, so I'm intersted to try this one out in comparison and see how it goes. This mask contains coconut oil, Moroccan Argan oil and Jojoba (all the good stuff) and it aims to help repair, hydrate and strengthen your hair (all things my thirsty blonde hair needs). Also, can we take a moment for the brilliant packaging. This mask also aims to help protect your hair against any heat treatment you use and fight again flyaways and split ends.

You all know I'm a face mask kind of girl, so I'm never opposed to having a new one come my way.  This masks sounds all kinds of interesting and fun and aims to help illuminate your skin by leaving it looking and feeling more smooth and radiant. It says it has a jelly-like formula which I'm very intrigued to test out and is also parabon free, which is always a big thumbs up from me.

I'll admit I'm a bit behind on the Burt's Bees train. While I knew they had plenty of lip balms floating around, I've never really looked any further into their product range; so I'm interested to give this night cream a go. This products contains a lot of good things including Vitamins A, B2, and E to help boost your skin moisture and hydration levels, which also goes towards reducing signs of ageing. The name itself is giving me visions of waking up with plump and soft feeling skin.

While I am a regular fake tanner, I don't often tend to tan my face. I find whenever I do, it only lasts for the few hours in between showers, because as soon as I cleanse my face it all fades off and my skin is back to my natural colour. Having my face tanned or not is not something that has ever really bothered me, but I'm intersted to give this a go and see if it has more longevity than other products I've tried.

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