New In (ft Crabtree , Medik8, Palm Beach Collection & more)

Time for another look at some of the wonderful products that have been coming through my mailbox lately (so many good smelling things!)

One of my favourite things to find is awesome haircare. If my dry hair soaks it up it must be good stuff, and I've most recently had an 'I'm in love' moment with these little capsules of hair oil from Troppicoco. Every time I pop this product through my damp hair before drying it (along with some heat protectant) my hair comes out feeling so silky and smooth. People have also been commenting on how shiny my hair looks lately. I thought one capsule wouldn't be enough for my thirsty hair, but it seems to pack a punch. Another bonus is they're vegan!

The minute I opened that mail package I could smell just how amazing these were! You've probably seen some candles and diffusers from these guys floating around my blog before, and I've always been impressed with the lasting scent of those, so I was really excited to give their soap a go (sounds a little weird, but if you could honestly smell these you would completely understand). These bars aren't drying on the skin at all and my bathroom always smells amazing after I use them. Also they're an Australian owned business which just makes it even better (I'm probably a bit bias there).

If you have the room to spend a little bit extra on your skincare (which if you're going to invest in anything, why wouldn't it be your skin, it's with you for life after all), this product from Medik8 is something worth checking out. I've sworn by having a serum in my skincare routine since the moment I started using one and I've had some hit and misses in my time, but this stuff is a massive hit! Using this product has made my skin feel so much more hydrated, especially during this colder weather, and overall it feels smoother and looks so much healthier and happier.

A bit about the product and how it works - this is a serum you keep on hand for use at night to let your skin really soak up the benefits. With most serums, when you apply them to your skin it first converts to retinaldehyde and then to retinoic acid, which you skin soaks up to repair itself. The Crystal Retinal product from Medki8 however converts to retinoic acid first go, meaning your skin can soak up the benefits 11x faster than usual. This helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, make your skin feel smoother and all that good anti-aging stuff.

I pretty much don't have an excuse to have dry hands for the rest of my life after this sweet delivery from Crabtree & Evelyn; a tin filled with little travel sizes of some of their best selling hand creams.  Not only is the packaging super fun with vintage vibes, they have also just dropped their brand new Autumn Winter 2018 line, that will not only leave your hands feeling soft but also smelling amazing. I currently have a full-sized tube of their hand cream that sits religiously by my bed and I couldn't live without it.

The collections from Erstwilder never stop being cute. This pin is from one of their newest lines, Erstwilder x Rocky Horror - a classic! This is the Wild and Untamed pin and it just adds a cool and edgy look to any outfit you add it to. Also, it doesn't scream 'I'm wearing a Rocky Horror Picture Show inspired brooch', so if the musical isn't your thing but you still love the pin, no one needs to know.

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