Models Own Cheat Day Collection

I've been trying to cut refined sugar out of my diet as much as possible lately, but the latest collection from Models Own certainly has made me feel tempted to go out and buy a stack of doughnuts. I love when a brand brings out a super fun and eye-catching collection, and there's no denying that the Models Own Cheat Day collection is certainly that. Clearly inspired by all things pink, sugary and damn delicious tasting, the range also has a stack of super cool and beautiful looking products.

A perfectly beautiful and stunning range of highlighter shades. No matter what kind of colour sheen you prefer with your highlighter, this palette has you covered. The powders are super lightweight and offer a variety of shine depending on your preference. If you're wanting something a little more subtle, the lighter pink is your go-to. If you want people to be blinded and stopped in the street by your on-fleek highlighter, the other two will get the job done.

The minute these came out of the packaging I could wait to whack them on my lips; I was instantly sucked in by the beautiful metallic colours. These are liquid lipsticks, so they dry down and won't be moving around on you throughout the night. They have an incredible colour payoff and the lightweight formula means your lips are left feeling super dry or like the product is going to flake off. Build up the intensity for a bolder look, or maybe add a little sheen to your favourite lip colour for just a little something extra.

Now I get the point of this product; when the lid is on, the little circles look like rows of doughnuts - but does anyone else just think with the lid off they look like funny little nipples, I'm just saying. That aside, the product itself is actually awesome and the brand has brought to life a pretty cool concept. If you haven't yet mastered putting together complementary colours for a cool eyeshadow look, this palette does all the work for you. Each pan contains two shades that not only go together perfectly, but will create an eye-catching and high impact look. Of course that doesn't mean you can't get a little creative and mix whichever colours you like. Some of the mattes may need a little bit of build up to get a real stand out colour, but that allows for you to really control the intensity of your look.

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