Live Boldly with Revlon

If you're looking for a lipstick colour that is going to make you stand out and your makeup look pop, you have to check out Revlon's Live Boldly range; a range all about being you and not being afraid to make a statement and present yourself to the world in the way you want to.

You've probably seen this range around before, but you may not recognise it thanks to the new limited edition packaging, which I eventually realised is different colours based on the shade of the product inside.

My favourite shade is without a doubt the dark purple, which I thought was a brown colour when I took the lid off, but had I just looked at the packaging I would have seen otherwise. 

This range has so many cool colours and I found them super, super easy to apply; the formula is soft and creamy, meaning it glides on with no fuss. They are a matte finish (my personal favourite) and being a lipstick, they won't last 24 hours and survive your eating and drinking, but because they're so easy to apply, I guarantee it won't even bother you.

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