Groovin The Moo 18'

While I may have had a whole other outfit planned to wear to the Groovin the Moo festival this year, a last minute purchase of this Harley Davidson oversized mens t-shirt (which I got second hand through Facebook Marketplace so I can't link, sorry) saw me completely change my outfit choice the night before. So the next day, before the festival, I made my way to Target and grabbed myself these fishnets to complete the look.

My new Doc Martens where a part of my original festival outfit idea, and I'm so happy I finally have a pair in my wardrobe. I've been eyeing off Doc Martens for years, and when I saw they had a new platform version out I just knew I had to get them; and I used the upcoming festival as the perfect excuse to finally make the purchase. I struggled to find these in stock online in my size, but I eventually came across a pair on Dolls Kill for cheaper than I'd see anywhere else!

This backpack from Gamiss didn't actually make it with me to the festival, I just used a Mimco shoulder bag I've had for years and always wear out on town. However when I was putting this look back together to shoot some photos (because I got to caught up in the day and didn't get any of my outfit at the actual festival), I stumbled across the bag and realised how perfectly it went with my outfit and how I probably should have taken it with me.

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