Loving Lately (ft Dermalogica, Palm Beach Collection, Biore & more)

I've had an influx of products coming through my mailbox lately and wanted to share some of my thoughts on them; keep on reading!

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon Transformative Night Gel-Cream
As the latest product from the Dermalogica range, I have to say first off that I think the packaging is really cool. I love that it's very easy to lock and unlock the product because it means this product will be super easy and safe to travel with (hopefully zero spillage). This cream contains Persian Silk Tree Extract, Wu-Zhu-Yu Extract, Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide and Australian Kakadu Plum Extract to help rid your face of signs of fatigue and make you look hydrated and radiant. The gel product is nice and lightweight and has a natural, lavender scent, which makes sense considering the name of this product and the properties in lavender which help you sleep more soundly at night. I find a little goes a long way with this stuff and it feels so hydrating on the skin.

I'm such a sucker for minimal and clean packaging that looks good sitting on my vanity, so I was instantly drawn to this product. Seeing the word coconut on the front, I expected the product to have a coconut scent but it actually has no scent at all; good news for my readers out there who aren't a big fan of highly scented products. In terms of how it works, I find it sinks into my skin really easily and leaves me feeling super smooth and hydrated; and it's not surprising considering it contains natural coconut oil, macadamia oil, aloe vera, shea butter and vitamin E - could you get more hydrated! I feel like this stuff would also make the perfect solution if you have a little sunburn.

Biore Make-Up Removing Wipes
I'm a huge Biore fan, but I'd never tried any make-up wipes of theirs before, so I was really keen to give these a go. I have to say I wasn't disappointed. The wipes remove makeup with ease and do leave your skin feeling hydrated and clean. The only thing with these is they aren't the best for the eye area. I've had makeup wipes that are quite sensitive to the eyes and are fine to remove any excess eye makeup with, but I found these did sting my eyes a little, so I would avoid that area with these. Aside from this, I have to say I haven't been disappointed with Biore yet.

Palm Beach Collection Candles / Patchouli & Woods + Posy Standard
I recently talked about this brand's diffuser in my bathroom tour post and I have to say their candles are just as good. I've currently got these two scents burning in my house, and while they're quite different I love them both. The Patchouli & Wood is the same scent as the current diffuser I have; it's a more musky, masculine scent which I personally quite like. The Posy Standard sits in stark contrast to that in my opinion. As the name would suggest, it's more a floral, less imposing scent that is still really lovely but I find it's not as a strong. These candles burn really well and nice and evenly, which is really important for making sure you don't end up with a waste of wax at the end when the wicks will no longer burn properly. Definitely a brand I would recommend checking out in you're in the market for a new candle.

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