John Frieda Luxurious Volume Range

I've always been a fan of the John Frieda brand because they make hair products for a variety of hair types and situations that work well and don't cost an arm and a leg. Their most recent collection is the Luxurious Volume line which, as you can probably gather from the name, aims to give your hair some lasting volume that doesn't make your hair feel heavy and untouchable. 

This conditioner contains Protein-Strength Complex which aims to help give your hair fullness while still detangling and conditioning.  Due to my hair being colour treated, I find I can't use this every wash otherwise my hair does start to dry out a little to much, but if I'm looking to add a little extra volume for a day or night look, this is definitely something I find myself reaching for. The clear colour of the conditioner still trips me out and intrigues me, but overall it certainly lives up to it's name of giving volumised hair and I would recommend if you're looking for something to give you a little bit of an extra lift without much effort.

This shampoo also contains the same Protein-Strength Complex and aims to give your hair, no matter how thin, a bunch of volume while still feeling soft. If you're looking for ultimate volume and don't have hair that has a tendency to be dry like mine, then using this is in combination with the conditioner will certainly be a winner. As someone who is forever combating dryness in my hair I have to avoid using these two in combination, otherwise my hair won't be feeling soft and touchable. That said, using this in combination with my usual conditioner still helps to leave my hair feeling nice and clean and adds a little extra volume.

Core Restore Protein Volumiser
I love testing out products like this that you use once you've jumped out of the shower because I feel this is where the real magic happens, or doesn't. This product aims to strength your hair fibres to leave your locks feeling soft, while also infusing your hair with a Protein-Strength Complex to help add some strength back into your hair while also giving it some volume. This complex is heat-activated, so pop this stuff in before you start blow drying and styling, and it also claims to be safe for colour-treated hair. I always use a product like this in conjunction with a heat protectant just to be safe, and I have to say my hair certainly feels a little better when using this than it does without, which is usually the case for my hair when it comes to products like this. So if you're like me and need something to help combat your dryness before you start styling, but you don't want your hair falling completely flat on your head, give this stuff a whirl.

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