Camo Casual

I have been dying to add a pair of camo pants to my wardrobe since the trend took off. While they are in abundance online, I always struggled to find some instore for me to try on to be sure they weren't going to look ridcuiulsy baggy and unflattering on me. So when I saw this pair from Ava and Ever in City Beach, I didn't even hesitate to pick up a pair and head straight to the change rooms. The second I put these on I knew these were going to become my go-to pants for the winter. The tighter fit around the waist means they give a flattering shape, they're comfy as hell and the pattern means your outfit instantly goes from nothing to something with no effort. I've worn these at least once every weekend since I've got them and they're going to be the centre piece for my next festival outfit. Here I've paired them with this top I brought from Cotton On and cropped myself and this gun-metal grey chain necklace to add a grunge, but a little glam, to the look. All I want to do now is buy more cargo pants to add to my wardrobe to wear all winter long.

What's your opinion?

  1. i love camo print! the camo pants are so cool.


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