What I've Been Trying Lately (ft KEUNE, Medik8, BLAQ & more)

I've been pretty slack on the blogging lately (another post for another day), but behind the scenes I've still had some new bits and pieces coming in that I've been trying out. So I figured today I'd share my thoughts with you with on some of these things.

We all know how major charcoal has been in the skincare world lately, and it doesn't seem like it's leaving our shelves anytime soon (and I'm not mad about it). Something I hadn't seen until now though were charcoal makeup wipes; introducing BLAQ. They have a few charcoal skincare products, including these babies; these not only help to remove any dirt and makeup, they also exfoliate your skin and the infused charcoal helps to give them an extra kick to pull out any impurities and dirt. I also feel like if any man in your life is looking to refresh their face the black colour of these wipes might make them less nervous about using them.

My face mask obsession still continues and sheet masks are growing on me more and more. I love to follow with a good hydrating sheet mask after I used something that is more detoxifying like a clay mask, and the ones in my collection are these from Medik8. I've tried quite a few products from this brand and I've always been impressed. Like a lot of sheet masks, these ones are packed with product, so definitely open this over the bathroom sink to avoid any mess. As for how they work though, I definitely enjoyed them. My face felt nice and soft and hydrated after sitting around with one of these on for a while. I generally think making sure to introduce sheet masks into my skincare routine has certainly helped the appearance of my skin overall.

I've loved this brand since having their products used on my hair at my old hairdressers, and having recently started using their shampoos and conditioners again I've rediscovered my love for them. So when this treatment ended up in my mailbox I was so excited. I've also felt that recently my hair has really been needing some TLC, so I've been lathering my hair in this stuff lately. It has quite a natural scent to it, which if I'm honest isn't my favourite but the effect it has on my hair means I'm happy to look past that. Everytime I use this stuff, whether I keep it in for an extended period of time like a proper treatment or just use it instead of my regular conditioner, it makes my hair feel so soft and silky. My hair is quite dry and this has definitely helped to keep the dryness at bay a little bit better, so definitely recommend for any fellow dry hair gals out there.

Another product from KEUNE which turned up at my doorstep was this Sun Shield Oil, which is a type of product I'd never really seen before. The idea is that you spray this on your hair before heading out into the sun to give it a protective barrier against UV rays. As someone with light coloured and dry hair this stuff sounded like the perfect thing for me. While summer is slowly starting to fade away and with beach days behind me I might be cracking this product out less and less, but I think this stuff is also great for days you know you'll be out and about all day and want to help keep your luscious locks safe.

Freezeframe Revitaleyes
This has been my everyday eye cream at the moment and I've been loving it. My new full time job has been pretty busy lately, and I've been pretty tried at the end of the week. I feel like my under eyes haven't been showing it as badly as they could be though and I think I have to put it down to this stuff. I find using any eye cream to keep your under eyes hydrated helps with stopping bags and black circles at the best of times, but this stuff has certainly kept them very much at bay.

I love to have a good exfoliating cleanser in my skincare routine and I have to say I've been very much impressed with this one from Genie Beauty. I will say straight up that it doesn't smell good at all, but the effect it has on my skin has certainly been good so I've pushing past it and kept it in my routine. When I use this my skin certainly feels nice and smooth, soft and refreshed, some of which comes down to the interesting sensation this product has on your skin. It warms up a bit as you massage it into your face, but almost feels like it has a cooling effect as you wash it off (I love using this in the morning to help me feel refresh and awake). The exfoliating granules in this product are quite large and more intensive then most I've used, so sensitive skin people may want to stay away, and even then I wouldn't recommend using this every single day. 

How cute are these earrings and brooch from Erstwilder !! As someone who is very openly obsessed with cacti and succulents, having these little guys appear in my mailbox was a lovely and exciting surprise! The pin is going straight on my denim jacket, where I'm slowly but surely starting to amass a collection of cute little pins. I think these earrings add a really sweet touch to an outfit, and I find them to be perfect for work and people always comment on them when I'm out and about.

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