Models Own Aquaproof Collection

When I first heard Models Own was going to finally be available in Priceline I was so excited! If you just can't keep away from shiny, pretty beauty products like me (that are also great quality) than you have to check out Models Own if you haven't already. While you're browsing the shelves, make sure to check out some of the pieces from their latest Aquaproof Collection, which I have a few bits from to share with you today.

All the shades in this collection are about being bright and adding a real pop of bold colour. I don't often tend to reach for shades like this, but that doesn't mean I can fault the formula, which I found does apply quite nicely and without to much fuss.

When I saw the pointy end on these babies I had high hopes. While I have to say they are certainly easy to apply and gave a nice colour pay off, I'm not 100% sold on the formula and lasting power; I found my wing had started to fade off just after 20 minutes of wear. I've only had a go with the black one, though I was super excited to give the blue a go and I'm not ready to rule them out just yet until I give them a few more goes.

This baby is where you really get the chance to appreciate the awesome packaging of this collection. While I'm usually all about minimalist looking packaging, I can't help but get excited over this amazing blue colour and that water droplet effect. The shadows in this palette have a cream consistency which is not something I'm use to working with; I'm more a powder type girl. That said, because I'm not quite sure how to work with these yet, I've struggled with creasing in my lid not long after application with these, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm just not applying them properly. Apart from that they do have great pigmentation and I think the shade range is great, giving you some more neutral shades for a more casual look, as well as some more bold shades for you to potentially step out of your comfort zone with.

This stuff claims to do it all; lengthen, curl and volumise. When it comes to curling, I always curl my eyelashes first with an eyelash curler, which I think is always going to give you a more dramatic and lasting curl than just using straight mascara. In terms of lengthening, I definitely agree with that claim. While I wouldn't say it's the most statement mascara I've ever used, there's no denying it does add some length to my lashes and make them look better than they would without it. Lastly, volumising - I don't think I can agree with their claim on this one. My lashes aren't the most luscious out there but they certainly aren't the thinnest either, and I don't think this does anything more dramatic than a bunch of other mascaras I have. While I certainly don't think this is a bad product in any way, it hasn't jumped to the top of my favourites list either.

Semi Matte Lip Gloss
I'm not really a big lip gloss fan, but the semi-matte claim had my intrigued. I'm not really sure what exactly would classify as semi-matte as I've never owned a product with such a title before, but I'm not entirely sure this is it. While I will say they certainly aren't as sticky as some other lipglosses I've tried in the past and they have great colour pigmentation, I don't think these guys are going to convert me to becoming a lip gloss user just yet. I think if you are a lip gloss fan though, and you're after something that has a strong colour payoff, definitely check these out.

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