Goodbye Summer

Of course I only decided to jump on the bandwagon of fedoras and rimmed hats as summer began to come to a close. I've never been a big hat wearer, so I thought picking up this inexpensive one from Zaful would be the perfect way to slowly introduce myself to them. While I haven't had a whole lot of chances to wear it and the felt look (which I didn't read close enough before clicking 'add to cart' to notice) isn't really my style, I think fedoras and hats in general are starting to grow on me.

My outfit consists of this denim look, frayed, wrap skirt from Rosegal, which I love. It has one other button option so you can have it not so tight, though I find it doesn't sit quite right when you wear it on that option. I love the detail on this, but do be wary if wearing this in windy conditions that it doesn't blow open on you. With that I have this long sleeved crop from Zaful. Long sleeved tops aren't something I usually go for because I feel to restricted; if I'm needing something to keep warm I usually just pair my outfit with some sort of jacket or coat. I loved the little black trimming on this and the slight flare to the sleeves as well. It is quite cropped, so I prefer to wear this with something high waisted, but the biggest plus in my book is, despite it being white, it's not see through!

In terms of accessories, I've just got this layered number from Zaful. The necklaces do come seperate so you could wear them individually or with other pieces. Despite being simple I think they're the perfect length for adding that little touch of something to outfit. Lastly, we have these earrings from Rosegal which I'm obsessed with! I usually stay away from gold, but I love these so much the gold doesn't even bother me and I love the swirl/ring design.

What's your opinion?

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