Bathroom Tour

Almost a month ago now I moved house and started living by myself again. I have personally always loved living by myself and my latest place is certainly one of my favourite places so far. I've finally got enough space to truly start personalising it and releasing my inner Pinterest-house-decor obsessed self lose (as much as I can within a rent space). As I do love looking at Pinterest boards and blog posts of beautiful interiors, I decided I wanted to share mine. As I slowly begin getting rooms decorated and set up just how I want them, I'm going to start releasing posts showing you the bits and bobs I've got around. The very first room to be finished is my bathroom! Keep scrolling to find out more about the items I've used to style it

bath towels (similar)

I need to take a minute to talk about this diffuser because it has me shook. I've never been a diffuser fan because I find most only put out scent when you first open them and then, even though you see the liquid level going down, I feel like you don't smell anything again after the first few days; this one  has proven to be the complete opposite. I've had it sitting in my bathroom for a weeks now and while the scent has certainly died down (I'm also due to rotate the reeds) the smell certainly still lingers in the air. I wouldn't normally recommend anyone to buy a diffuser but I have to say I highly recommend these ones.

What's your opinion?

  1. Omg I LOVE your interiors style! I also kinda need those towels and I love the sound of that reed diffuser! I think I need to pick one up for my ensuite bathroom.

    Sharni |

    1. aww thanks lovely :) mainly try to keep it a little minimal. I'm still in love with the towels hey! haha


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