My Week in Mirage (19 Feb - 25 Feb)

Fashion Fix; Roger and Peach
What started off as simply a fashion label in 2010, Roger & Peach has since evolved into a lifestyle label full of pretty wares.  A one-stop shop for all things fashion, home and gift, the whimsical, spirited and pretty style is all about creating high quality pieces for the woman you doesn’t take themselves to seriously. 

Bargain Buys: Coliseum Antiques
Taking a step away from the world of vintage fashion this week, we’re going to delve into some bargains that you can pick up for the other parts of your home, many of which you can find at the well known antiques store Coliseum Antiques

Local Source; Woohoo Body
It’s all about being as natural as possible with skincare these days, but have you ever given much thought to the stuff you’re putting under your arms, namely your deodorant? Well if you’re looking for a local, natural alterative deodorant then you need to check out Woohoo Body.

Some may say that Newcastle has to many cafes; that we don’t need anymore. But any true Novocastrian will tell you how wrong that statement is. That’s why this week we’re shining the spotlight on a local coffee spot that should be your caffeine hit radar if it isn’t already, Benchmark

For many locals, the announcement of the reopening of the famous Bogey Hole in 2016 came as a delightful surprise. after we were told it was going to be closed indefinitely at the end of 2015. Built in 1819 by convict labour under the order of Commandant Morisset who wanted the swimming spot for his own personal use, it was originally known as the Commandants Baths.

Starting off life in Zimbabwe, before travelling through Europe with her family and eventually settling in Australia, Vanessa Lewis, also known as Apothecary Artist, certainly had an inspiring start in life. On top of also growing up with creative parents, Vanessa was destined to have a life filled with creating.

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