Brand Review; Musq Cosmetics

Recently, the lovely people from Musq Cosmetics sent me a range of their products to test out. Musq Cosmetics is a natural, cruelty free brand, that has a range of skincare and makeup items; also their packaging gives me life. So I thought today I'd run you through some of the products they sent over and my thoughts.

C r e a m  C l e a n s e r
When they say cream cleanser, they mean cream cleanser. This product is so soft and, well, creamy. It doesn't foam up like crazy when you use it, but I still found it did a great job at cleaning my face, though I certainly needed to cleanse twice if I had been wearing makeup, which I normally do anyway, so this wasn't a problem for me. You can certainly smell the rose in the product, so be aware of that if you're not really a rose scent fan. This cleanser contains jojoba, rose and grapefruit, which helps to soothe your skin and leave it feeling clean but not dry, even after a double cleanse.

The Lemon Myrtle scent in this definitely pulls through the most, but I absolutely love the smell of it. The wash itself soaps up nicely and feels really smooth and soft on the body, not to mention the bottle looks super lux sitting in your bathroom. This wash contains eucalyptus, tea and rosewood which helps leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed, and doesn't contain any fillers or chemicals, making it safer for your skin and the environment

When I read exfoliant, I was expecting to open the product and find a tub full of loose granules, but I was surprised. The exfoliant isn't a dry product, but actually quite moist (I hate that word) which meant the product was stuck together in one big lump, and I understood why once I started using it. As you rub it into your skin with water, the product actually creates a bit of a soapy substance, so it's not just getting rid of dead skin cells, but giving your skin a good clean as well. I have to say I loved this stuff. My skin felt so smooth and soft after using this product, so I can't recommend it enough. It also wasn't to intense or harsh, so you could certainly use this every other day if you wanted to.  Again you can really smell the rose scent coming through in this product. 

The packaging is your usual compact, with a mirror and a sponge hidden underneath (though does anyone ever really use those things). Swatching it on my finger and applying some to my face, the texture was unlike any foundation I've used before. I found this foundation was so soft, and it almost felt like I was rubbing a primer into my face; it was the weirdest but coolest thing. I also couldn't even feel the product gathering my finger. I find it super smooth and easy to apply, and it really sinks and almost disappears into your skin, which allows it to give you a more natural looking coverage.While it seemed a little oiler in the packaging, once on my skin it felt nice and matte. I received the shades Sahara and Maldives, and I found Sahara to be a perfect match for me, with the Maldives being to dark and orange for my skin tone. Also, fun fact, this foundation was actually the 2012 winner for Best Foundation at the Natural Beauty Awards (so you know it has to be good). 

R e p l e n i s h  S e r u m
I wasn't expecting this to be an oily serum for some reason (maybe because of the packaging), but I found it to be quite oily, which I know works great for some people. The product itself also has a mild orange scent which I enjoyed. This serum contains jojoba, rosehip oil, sea buckthorn berry and pomegranate, which helps give your skin a real boost of antioxidants and allows it to heal and repair faster.

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