Bellabox; The Couples Box

That's right, I'm back with another Bellabox unboxing, but this time we're taking a little look inside a limited edition version; The Couples Box. In honour of upcoming Valentine's Day (which honestly I have zero feelings either way about), Bellabox has a 'Date Night' themed box filled with 12 unisex products that both you and your special someone can enjoy. There are some pretty good products in here, so lets just dive in.

Dusty Girls Earth Cream Tinted Moisturiser 
If you haven't heard of Dusty Girls before they are an awesome, vegan brand that create beautiful makeup products. I've never actually had the chance to try any Dusty Girls products before, so I was super excited to see one in this box. Their Earth Cream is a mineral based tinted moisturiser and I have to say a little goes a long way with this stuff, and it gives a nice full coverage.

I feel like Molton Brown products just scream elegance and timelessness. While Molton Brown do have men's and women's ranges, products like this tend to be unisex by their very nature, so while this may be targeted at the men, if your a lady who doesn't mind a bit more of a manly scent sometimes (like myself), there's no reason you can't snag this and use it to. I find the Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel smells a lot more like a mens product, whereas the Rose Gel has a softer scent, with a slight musk smell to it.

Intense Formulas Facial Sheet Mask Treatment
Couples that wear facemasks together, stay together. With two sheet masks in the box, you and your partner can spend a Valentine's Night in on the couch, rehydrating your faces with these 100% natural facial masks from Intense Formulas. I tried one for myself, and my skin felt so plump and hydrated after leaving it on for about 15 minutes. 

I have been told by so many women that they prefer to use men's razors because they have more blades and tend to be cheaper. So whether your or your partner are in need of a new razor, either of you can use this disposable razor from BIC. This razor is named as the most advanced disposable razor in Australia, thanks to its five nano-sharpened flexible blades. 

Soul Organics Company Serenity Bath Salts
2017 was the year I started to get back into baths again, thanks to moving into a place that actually had one, so I love getting bath salts like these to try out. Whether you're treating yourself or sharing your bath with someone else this Valentine's Day, these salts make the perfect addition. They're enriched with a blend of Epsom and pink Himalayan Salts to help destress and relax your body and muscles. The lavender is also perfect for making you feel cozy and ready to jump into bed or on the couch afterwards. 

There is so many good things to say about this lipstick. First of all, it has a very smooth formula that glides easily onto the lips and is basically opaque within one coat. It also dries quite quick as well, which is a bonus for me, because there's nothing worse than waiting around for your lipstick to dry so you can finally take a drink. Not only that, but 15% of the earnings made from selling these lipsticks are donated by Penelope Cosmetics to Les Powell, who help make the lives of children with disabilities a little bit easier. So not only can you treat yourself to a great product, you can also know you've helped contribute to a great cause.

Sweet Mickie Ginger Heart 'Be Mine' Cookie
Trying not to eat this while shooting these photos was so hard. This is perfect little treat for yourself if you don't mind the taste of gingerbread; not to mention it is one cute little cookie.

I knew this product was going to be interesting from the minute I saw the word 'camels' in the name. This hand cream not only contains a bunch of soothing botanicals to help your hands feel smooth and supple, it also contains camels milk, which has great healing properties. I love that this stuff comes in a pump, as I find most hand creams come in tubs, which is still fine, but I always like when a brand does something a little different. This stuff is so soft and sunk straight into my skin without leaving my hands feeling sticky and me having to wait for them to dry.

Smile Makers Generous Gel
If you haven't heard of Smile Makers before, they're a pretty cool company doing some awesome things for the normalisation of female sexuality in everyday life. As part of the Bellabox this month they've included their Generous Gel, which is a personal lubricant designed to be used on those more sensitive body parts. So go on, and be a little generous to yourself this Valentine's Day ;)

For any men on the go, this is the perfect little essentials travel kit for you. This little kit contains four hero everyday grooming products from Skor, including the All-In-One Hydrating Lotion, Stop The Chafe Sports Balm, The All Rounder Hair & Body Wash and Clean Up Exfoliating Cleaner.

Birka Cappuccino Massage Oil Candle
For coffee lovers looking to relax and enjoy a little sensual massage from their partner, this cappuccino massage oil candle is for you. Just light this baby up and wait until it melts down your desired amount of oil.

This brand is one of my all time favourite skin care brands. While this stuff may say it's 'for men' it doesn't smell any different to the regular moisturiser, which has this awesome, fruity, orange scent that I love. Their moisturisers are so hydrating and always leave my skin feeling so smooth.

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