My Week in Mirage (Jan 15 - Jan 21)

Weekly Hot Spot; The Nature's Cafe
It seems Mayfield is the place to be if you’re looking for the latest and greatest in cafes. Another one of the suburb’s most recent additions is The Nature’s Café. Opened in October last year by Sue Park and Jake Kim.

Fashion Fix; Kate and Kole
Fashion is all about having the right accessories just as much as it’s about the clothes, and a good place to start would have to be the locally designed jewellery brand Kate and Kole. Brainstormed by locals Sara and Madalynne, they may have had no idea how to bring a jewelry line to life, but they didn’t let that stop them.

Local Source; Living Earth Aromatherapy
If one of your New Years resolutions was to take more time for self care, one place to start to help you in that journey just might be local brand Living Earth Aromatherapy. Their handmade products contain a range of pure authentic plant oils, which harness the gentle and powerful benefits of essential oils and will help you not only reconnect with yourself, but the natural world around you. 

Opened to commemorate 100 years since the landing of the ANZAC’s at Gallipoli and 100 years since BHP first began making steel in this city, take a walk along the Newcastle Memorial Walk to see a stunning view of our magnificent coastline and remember the sacrifice of those who served.

A talented artist in the fields of drawing, painting and ceramics, Ellie Hannon has a truly unique and recognisable style that you’ve probably come across at the Olive Tree Markets. Having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Newcastle University, Ellie has since worked with artists of all different cultures and practices, given her time to volunteer work and collaborated with various activist community groups, and it certainly shows in her art. 

If you love leather goods just as much as you love youe vintage fashion, you need to stop by Hide + Seeker on Beaumont Street. The HIDE part of the shop is Geordie’s handcrafted leatherwork, who’s workshop sits just out the back behind the store.

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  1. Those rings are so beautiful!!! And I love the handbag too 😍

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