Girl Gang (ft Gamiss)


A whole lot of 90s trends have been making the rounds again in the world of fashion lately, including camo. I never really wore camo as a kid, but looking back on old movies and music videos, it was certainly a prevalent print in the fashion world at that time. With its latest revival, I found a new love for it I never had before, so I has to pick up this pair of camo leggings from Gamiss. I had fears these might be see through, but I was pleasantly surprised. They are made of a silky material, the kind you could actually wear the gym, and while I'm still on the hunt for a pair of camo trousers, these are a nice little addition to my wardrobe in the meantime. I've just paired them with this graphic 'Girl Gang' top from and a classic black pair of lace up boots. I actually got these boots from H&M when I was in Melbourne a few years back because the shoes I had on for the weekend just couldn't withstand the constant wet weather and were leaving my feet soaked. They've proven to be a sturdy boot over the years and many festivals and outdoor events.


  1. How do you just pull off everything you wear?! This outfit looks so lovely on you!!

    Laura || xx


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