Bellabox Unboxing: November Edition

If you're into beauty and the Internet than you've probably heard of Bellabox by now. Bellabox is a monthly beauty subscription box that lets you try out the latest and greatest in the beauty world and makes sure you're never behind on the latest trends. The cool thing about their box is you'll receive products based on your individual beauty profile, and if you love anything you receive they have an online store right on their website which makes it easy to grab yourself another, full-sized item. The lovely people from Bellabox sent me the November edition, and while I know November has now come and gone, if you're thinking about signing up, I wanted to give you a look inside the box I got so you can see for yourself exactly the type of products you could be receiving each month.

With summer practically here in Australia now, anything sea salt and that reminds me of the sunny days to come is a winner on my list. I can't wait to rub the contents of this little sample pot all over my body and have it feel silky smooth. Scrubs like this are great to use for getting of that dry skin you've accumulated from being outdoors to much, and to help slowly remove that fake tan so you can apply a new layer because you're in constant fear of skin cells in trauma and don't actually go out in the sun and tan.

Highlighter has been the biggest beauty trend this last season, and for me that's not about to stop any time soon, so I'm super keen to lather some of this on my cheek bones and shine away the haters. While I usually go for a powder highlighter, because I seem to suck at using liquid ones and always ruin my foundation, I'm excited to see if I can improve my skills and get this gorgeous looking liquid to work.

Estee Lauder Modern Muse
I never go anywhere without spraying some sort of perfume. Even when I'm about to hit the gym I'll spray a little body mist on; so I can never have enough perfume. I've never tried an Estee Lauder one before (if I'm honest I wasn't even really aware they made fragrances, I've always focused on their makeup), but this little sample smells delicious. Highly recommend going out and giving it a whiff if you're wanting a new perfume.

I've had bottles of this stuff before and I love it! It has a mint scent to it, which somehow manages to penetrate your hair follicles and will leave your head and mind feeling super fresh and cleansed. It's a great one to use if you're washing your hair in the morning and need something to help wake you up because you're not a morning person like me.

Ya'll know I'm all about that mask life, so having another one to add to my ever-growing collection is not a problem with me. I'm also always down for anything charcoal and that will give my skin and pores a good clean out. I love to pop on a detoxifying mask like this and then follow with something super hydrating.

I think having a dedicated night creme in your skincare routine is so important. Those formulated for night time use will generally be a bit thicker and heavier than your average day cream, with the aim of giving your skin a real hydration boost and repair while you sleep. With the White-Age range from Nutrimetics, the cream also aims to lighten and brighten your complexion. This is definitely a product you want to use a night, because from my little test, even after letting it sink in,  I found product would ball up in some parts of my face, which means it's a no-go to pop under makeup during the day. That said, it feels like the perfect product for night time use.

What's your opinion?

  1. AMY! These photos are gorgeous!

    Sharni xo

  2. This box is probably one of the most impressive I’ve seen from them lately! I also love these photos!

    Laura ||


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