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When I received this box of Zoella Jelly & Gellato goodies in the mail, I couldn't have been more excited. I've been following Zoella on YouTube for years, but hadn't yet had the chance to try any of her beauty range, so I was keen to dig in and give these a test run and thought I'd share my thoughts on these products with you guys.

One of the first products I tested out was this body wash. While I did love the actual product I have to say I hate the packaging. It feels so cheap and nasty, and considering that all the other products I have of hers nail the packaging criteria on the head, it seemed weird to me that this one would come out so cheap feeling. Aside from that, the actual product itself smells and feels great.

This is another body wash product, and I have to say the packaging on this is much better and up to the standard I was expecting. The difference of the Shower Shake to the Shower Sauce is this one is a lot more moisturising and doesn't foam up as much as the other one. As I said, I did like both of these products, but I think, if I had to choose which one to purchase, simply because of the packaging I would have to choose this one over the Shower Sauce.

I was a little underwhelmed by these. Because the name mentions 'fizzer' I was expecting there to be a bit of a reaction when this stuff hit the water in my bath. When you put this stuff under a running tape though, nothing really happens. If you pull the product back out of the water, the actual product itself does seem to 'fizz' a little bit, but honestly, I didn't find that these did a whole lot and I probably wouldn't recommend buying these.

Zoella Gelat'eau Body Mist
I do quite enjoy the scent of this, to me it seems to have the same scent that the rest of this range does. This isn't something I'm picking up and popping on, on a daily basis, but I do tend to spritz it around my room or if I'm heading to the gym and want a little something more to make sure I stay smelling nice, I give this a spray.

What's your opinion?

  1. Love these products! I have to agree with you on the fizzers, they were a bit of a let down!

    Laura || www.thelifeoflaura.com.au

  2. Such a shame when things don't live up to expectations, also agree on the packaging front, kind of looks like something from the Kmart $2 section. At least they smell good! Xx

    Ebony-Rose || www.mrsandmummy.com


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