Arbonne Haul

Today I've got a little makeup haul from the brand Arbonne. I hadn't really heard much about these guys before, though I was aware they did skincare, so when I received some makeup from them it was quite a surprise. All their products, skincare and makeup, are NOT tested on animals and are completely vegan, are carbon natural and are zero waste because all their packaging is recyclable.  Another brand showing it is completely possible to make good quality makeup without comprising and hurting nature in anyway.

This concealer has quite a lightweight formula which I like because you can build it up to give as full coverage as you want/need. It's a nice, smooth consistency and I've found it blends quite easily. It's not going to cover your blemishes instantly like a heavy-duty concealer from Mac, but overall I'm pretty impressed with this stuff.

This is one of their newer products to the market. As you can see from the pictures, this is a dual ended highlight stick that has both your highlight and a contour shade. Both glided across my hand nice and smoothly, and I'm interested to test them out and see how they go when applied over actual foundation, and whether they disturb it or not. I would say the only downfall I've noticed with this product is, from what I can see on the website there is only the one shade available, so it won't necessarily work for all skin types. Check out the swatches from both ends below.

Smoothed Over Lipstick - Orchid (pink shade) & Zinnia (orange shade)
First thing to note is that the colours for both of these are quite bright. While I was obviously expecting it from the orange shade, I was quite surprised by how vibrant Orchid was. They are nice and smooth to apply and do feel quite nice on the lips. I'm yet to give either of these a wear test, but I do tend to find that your regular lipstick formula doesn't stick to the lips quite as well if you're drinking and eating. You can see some swatches below.

What's your opinion?

  1. I’m loving these all so much! The concealers are so good!

    Laura ||

  2. I had no idea they were vegan! That’s awesome xx

    Ebony-Rose ||

  3. Wow, these look absolutely amazing! I have never heard of the brand, but I love the packaging as well as the swatches :D

    { n a s k l e e }


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