Win with Wealth Words

Most of us probably dream of winning the lotto, and if you’re like me and have taken it to the next level, you’ve also planned out exactly how you’d live your life with your winnings. The lotto is just one big massive game of chance and dumb luck and the odds of winning are pretty small. If you’d like a safer bet at winning yourself some coin, and you don’t mind yourself a crossword every now and then, you might want to check out Wealth Words.

While we’re not talking about winning millions, we’re still talking in the thousand; for example, at the time of writing, a current game has a prize pool of $2000. The way Wealth Words work is you create an account, buy some tokens (a single token only costs $2 US dollars) and then use those tokens to play any of the current crossword games. Before you enter a game you’ll be able to see how long the game has left and what the prize pool is.

I had a go at one myself, and they are certainly challenging. While there were some answers I knew straight away, I was certainly puzzled by others. While I didn’t win, I still enjoyed it and I liked the fact that I had still gotten something for my money, unlike the lotto where you basically exchange it for a piece of paper and hope for the best. Also, once each game is closed, whether you win or not, you will be able to see what all the correct answers were for that game.

So if you think you’ve got some crossword skills, and want to make yourself a bit of money, check out Wealth Words.

What's your opinion?

  1. I love this idea! But I feel like I would be the same and wouldn’t win haha I do love crosswords though!

    Laura || xx

  2. I love crosswords (even if I'm bad at it). This sounds way better than lotto. And chraper too!

  3. I love crosswords but I'M SO BAD AT THEM! What a brilliant idea though!

    Sharni xo

  4. I love apps/games like these, they're so addictive! xx

    Gemma Etc.


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