Set for Summer

I personally don't think summer can get here quick enough; I'm well and truly over the cold weather. With a change in season comes the need for a whole new range of products, and today I'm going to share a few that you can add to your summer collections; some brand new and some old favourites.

I personally stay right away from tanning to much in the sun and stick to giving myself a fake bake when I can be bothered, but if you do like to tan, Reef has a product to help keep you protected. It's their classic tanning oil but with a coconut scent and SPF 15 so you can brown your body with a lesser risk of nasty damage.

Speaking of protecting your skin from the sun, one of the most vulnerable and downright annoying parts of your body to burn is your face. I find myself taking more and more care to make sure my face is protected during the day, even if I don't plan to spend time at the beach but the sun is still beating down. That's where something like this face moisturiser from Invisible Zinc comes in handy. I moisturise my face every morning after cleansing, so by choosing to pop this one on, which also has SPF 30 in it, I not only hydrate my face but it keep it safe from nasty, wrinkle-causing sunburn.

A multi-use product like this is a must all year round for me. Whether you've got dry lips or sunburn from being out in the sun, have managed to graze yourself while out and about, need to calm your skin after shaving or help soothe your feet after running around barefoot on the hot ground all day, this product always have you covered.

The Cicabio range is the latest round of products to come from Bioderma. This range aims to help care for your skin after injury. The two products I have here are the Cicabio Creme and the Cicabio Pommade. The Creme helps to moisture and nourish any damaged skin. Applying this twice daily to any skin that is damaged from superficial peeling, non-abrasive laser treatments, or some other dermatological procedures, if your doctor advises it is okay to use this product, it can help to reduce  irritation, redness, overheating and scaly areas. The Pommade helps to aid the repairing of your skin by soothing any irritated areas during the healing process. Popping this stuf will help to quickly relieve any feelings of discomfort and reduce your urge to scratch.

When the hot sun comes out, putting on a layer of foundation becomes basically redundant as it sweats and slides off during the day. We all have days though where we just don't feel confident enough to head out with a bare face, no matter what the temperature, and this Nude by Nature Sheer Glow BB Cream is perfect for that. It's a really buildable BB Cream that will add some colour and give your complexion a more even look, but it's not thick like a normal foundation and will give your skin more room to breathe on those hot days. I also find it's hard to even tell you're wearing anything with this on. I'll admit I even pop a little on when I head to the gym sometimes if I'm really not feeling happy with my skin that day.

Whether you're swimming or sweating, in summer I find normal mascaras can be a risk to wear because you can never be sure if they're going to slide off and leave you with some not-so-sexy panda eyes. A lot of people avoid waterproof mascaras simply because they are way to hard to take off at the end of the day, but I find this one from Essence is perfect. It stays in place all day, but when I hit it with my skincare routine at night I have no trouble getting it to come off.

I have a chapstick with me at all times, all year round and in every place I might need including my bag, my car, my bathroom, and the list goes on. I love the Sun Bum one for the summer because it's also packed with SPF to not only hydrate my lips but keep them protected from the sun

When I smelt this bottle of perfume I was transported back to my high school days when I would wear Britney's Fantasy perfume. This perfume has a sweet scent which I think is perfect for summer. Also the bottle is a perfect size for taking anywhere with you.

What's your opinion?

  1. Love this! I just need summer to actually come now haha it's still freezing in Canberra

    Laura || xx

  2. Cannot wait for Summer to get here! Love the Antipodes range, definitely have to give the skin balm a try! xx

    Ebony-Rose ||


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