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I recently attended the Priceline Beauty Prescription Live event, which is an annual event they do showcasing all the latest trends in beauty, what is coming up in the world of beauty, what Priceline has been up to and what products will be coming out or are new to the Priceline stores. This was my second time going, so I was prepared this time around for the onslaught of free products that is the trade show. I decided to do a round up of all the new and latest goodies I got, starting with makeup. If any of these products aren't yet in stores, keep an eye out around September for their release.

Australis Mixologist Lip Palette
This is one you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for, but I think it's going to be a best seller. If you're looking for some natural lip shades, but also some crazy colours to play around with, you need to pick this baby up. Mix different colours together and come up with a completely unique shade. Not many brands in Priceline have anything like this, and with a price tag of only $25, you can't not pick it up if you're a fan of lip colour.

Models Own aren't a new brand on the block by any means, but they are a new addition to Priceline stores. They'll be launching a whole range of their products in store, and the one we all got was their Sculpt & Glow Highlighting Powder, which looks absolutely stunning.

Models Prefer Eyeshadow Palette
Models Prefer are going to be unleashing an assault of palettes into Priceline in the near future. Not only are they releasing the eyeshadow palette you see here, they have a range of other eyeshadow palettes with various colours, as well as combination palettes with lip and cheek colours and more! It seems everyone is jumping on that palette bandwagon in the drugstores at the moment. The palette featured here is the Day To Night Shadows palette, which looks very similar to Urban Decay's NAKED2 Palette, but this one will only be going for $10! I believe it may have been in stores before, but when they bring it back they will be bringing a whole range of others that haven't hit shelves before.

As one of the newer brands to Priceline, it seems they're slowly rolling out their products in-store. Coming to shelves soon will be their Lid Lingerie Palette, which has some amazing, wearable nude shades and some darker ones to add a more dramatic effect for a night out.

Something new to the Bourjouis line and coming soon to Priceline shelves is their brow palette. This little palette I have is the Blonde palette, and it's the perfect compact size for travelling and taking on the go.

Another bunch of eyeshadow products hitting Priceline soon are coming from the affordable but amazingly good brand, Essence. I love this brand because their stuff is so inexpensive, especially if you pick it up during the Priceline 40% off cosmetics sale, but they always work so well! This shade range has so many colours, I didn't even pick them all up, and you can grab a little empty palette to put them in, though it will only fit four at a time, but if you have more and can make them magnetic, they could also fit nicely in a Z palette.

There are a couple of things that make this soon to be released mascara from Bourjouis a bit extra special. Firstly, it's the first mascara formulated to allow you to effortlessly apply another coat once your first coat has dried without any clumping, so you can make those lashes fly high up to the sky! It also has a 3x zoom mirror so you can either do your lashes on the go or get a better look when you're getting ready at home. I also just love the triangle shape of the packaging.

Now you've already probably tried the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour, but soon they'll be releasing some metallic versions with some pretty bold shades as well!

Most of us probably know Freezeframe for their amazing skincare products, but they're about to take on the makeup world to! The claim with this mascara is you don't need to go and get expensive lash extensions because this will practically do it for you. When you pull out the wand you can instantly see an abundance of little fibres waiting to attach themselves to your eyes.

Not a whole lot to say on this one expect there will be another addition to the ever growing liquid lipstick market. The packaging of these ones does make them perfect for on the go and throwing in your hand bag. There's also going to be quite a good range of your everyday shades and some funky colours.

Priceline does already have this range in stock, but Bourjouis is bringing some new colours to the range. There is the silver which I have pictured here and also a metallic blue that will be hitting the shelves, so you can really make your eyes ready to PARTY!

If you thought this just looks like a massive version of their cult classic Miracle Complexion Sponge, you'd be right. While this will certainly help you blend in your face quicker, the real reason for going supersize is the body contouring trend. I personally don't know who has time for it, but if you do and you want something to help make it easy, this sponge is going to be your new best friend.

LUMA The Glow Highlighter
If the name rings a bell to you but the packaging doesn't, that's because LUMA are coming back with a vengeance, and a whole new rebrand with new, beautiful packaging. They're also going to be bringing their insane highlighters to the Priceline shelves, which have a nice range of shades, and will just look downright elegant sitting in your makeup collection.

After being introduced to this brand at the last Priceline event, I have to say I've become a fan. If you don't know CC stands for colour correcting, so it aims to give your skin a more even and smooth appearance. From swatching this stuff I can confirm it does have a fairly strong scent of sunscreen, so for me personally, I think I'll save this for days at the beach, or something similar.

Nude by Nature Liquid Foundation
Nude by Nature are most commonly known for their awesome powder products. While they've had one or two liquid foundations on the market, they're truly entering the game with their upcoming liquid foundation. Also, can we just take a minute for that packaging.

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  1. There are so many good looking products coming out soon. How am I going to save when I want it all!

    Laura || xx

  2. I saw this on your Insta story last week! So many cool goodies ��. I'm im love with the glow highlighter... looks so good.

  3. SO many goodies! I just love priceline just dont need to go in there now that I am a blogger haha

  4. That highlighter looks amazing!


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