My Little Buddy Kurt


So here goes my first post for my new daily blogging goal. I think a lot of my inspiration for these posts will be drawn from my iPhone camera roll and taking a closer look at the world around me each day and what I'm doing; and this first one simply comes from a purchase I made on a Saturday not too long ago. I posted this on my Instastory and Snapchat, so you may or may not have already seen it, but I'm in love. It's something so simple, but it compliments me to a T and has filled a hole in my life I didn't even know was there (ok, maybe that last one was a little bit dramatic). It's this handmade Kurt Cobain keychain I picked up from a local store here in Newcastle called Blackbird Corner. The brand which actually makes these keychains and various other goodies is a local brand called Milk Thieves. I hadn't seen them before until Blackbird Corner posted these on their Instagram, and I knew I immediately had to go in and get myself one. It was the last Kurt Cobain one there that I could see, so it felt like it was meant to be. It's a pretty simple design made from wood, but I love it. Fun fact: I'm a little Nirvana/Kurt Cobain obsessed.


  1. Just been transported back to my teenage years :-)

  2. I don't know why but new key rings are always so satisfying?

  3. How cute is this!! I love key rings haha but for some reason mine always break haha xx

    Laura ||

  4. I dont know much about him! Pretty cute

  5. That is key ring is really cool!


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