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I was recently featured over on Dynamique Blog by the lovely Sameera, talking about how I put together my graphics, particularly when I'm piecing together collages for products. Today I just wanted to share that post with you to give you some tips on how you can put together your own mini masterpiece.


As a blogger, we take on many roles; we’re writers, editors, photographers, admin assistants, and sometimes even amateur graphic designers. Putting together a blog and all its content has so many different components, most notably written and photographic. But sometimes a certain post may not really lend itself to any type of photograph, or maybe you want to switch up things a little bit and present products you’re talking about in a different way, that’s where creating graphics can come in handy. Putting together something pretty might look difficult, but truth be told it’s actually super simple to do.
For this post I’ve put together a little graphic of all my favourite foundations (which may or may not be a new post coming to my blog soon; you heard it here first), to run you through, step-by-step, how I put graphics like this together. I‘m certainly no expert what-so-ever when it comes to this area, and there are probably various ways to create what I have, but I’m going to share the process that has always worked for me.

  1. Set up a Word Document 
I like to create my graphic just using a simple word document. As I mentioned, I’m sure there’s other ways to do it, potentially even easier ways, but this is what I’ve found works for me. When I open a new word doc, the first things I do are set the orientation of the page (portrait or landscape) to suit whatever style of graphic I’m looking to create, and then set the margins to narrow to give me the maximum amount of space to create.

  1. Grab Product Images
To get the images you’re going to need to put your graphic together, head to a website that has what you’re looking. This might be a particular brand, or if you’re like me and creating graphics with makeup, I find Priceline is a good place to start. Go to the product pages of what you need, and then simply take a screenshot around the product image. Often you can click on the image to get a bigger picture to make screenshotting easier. If you’re working on an Apple computer like myself, Shift-Command-4 will give you the screenshottimg option that lets you pick the selected area rather than simply screenshotting the entire screen.

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What's your opinion?

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    1. I like using it and telling people about it this way because Word is something most people have know :) Don't need no fancy programs to make cool stuff :)

  2. That's awesome, thanks for that!

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    1. It's honestly so simple and being able to do it in Word means it's such an accessible way for anyone to try it :)


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