Tuscan Tan Review

I've tried many tanning products over the years. In fact, I did a whole post on some of my favourite ones not too long ago (read it here), so today I wanted to chat about a new brand I've been trying recently called Tuscan Tan. As someone who likes to keep a nice tan glowing all year round, but doesn't like the idea of sitting out in the sun and damaging my skin, if you can even find a good batch during these colder months, fake tan is my saviour. Tuscan Tan sent over numerous products from their range for my to try out, so I thought I'd share my thoughts.

S e l f   T a n   A p p l i c a t i o n   M i t t
I personally think it's hard to stuff up a tanning mitt. Normally I reach for something darker in colour because they just look less dirty and messy after use, and I'll be honest I don't wash my mitt every single time I tan, so if I can hide the mess it's better. That said, I do still love using this mitt and it certainly does the job it's suppose to.

W a s h   O f f   B r o n z i n g   M o u s s e
When I first used this product, I'll admit I did think this was the their regular Self Tanning product, for some reason my eyes and brain decided those were the words I wanted to see on the packagaing, and so I used it as you would a normal tan. The actual idea behind this product is you throw some all over your body, let it sink in, then pop your clothes on and head out. Then when you get home and shower it will all wash off; a temporary tan. But, using it as if it was a normal tan, I found it still left me with a tanned, not orange look, after jumping in the shower (note, I am quite pale naturally, so I not surprised colour stuck to my skin, it wouldn't take much). So how this could work for you may vary, but do note, unlike me the first time around, this is suppose to be a temporary thing, and if you really do want a tan that will last, considering purchase their product that is made to create such a tan.

S e l f   T a n   G e l
This is one product that I wasn't too impressed with. This product claimed, on the back of the tub, that you could apply the gel and it would slowly develop to its full colour over 8 hours, much like the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Drying Oil that I use, but it still gives you colour upon immediate application. The idea is, once it had dried and sunk in, you could throw your clothes back on and keep going about your business without having to worry about showering at a certain time. It also mentioned you could apply more of the product later if you wanted to deepen the colour. So I did just that, I applied this stuff all over my body, let it sink into my skin for a little bit, and then I picked up my friend and we just spent the night at my house drinking wine and eating pizza, and I thought my tan would be all good the next morning. Instead, when I woke up, it had gotten all over my sheets, like a regular fake tan would, and my tan had gone all patchy. I got in the shower and it all seemed to wash off and I was left with basically no tan, it hadn't seemed to develop on my skin at all. While this brand has plenty of other good tanning options, I can't say this is one of them.

T i n t e d   T a n   E x t e n d e r
I've always been one to use tinted or gradual tanning moisturisers after tanning, so having a product like this was nothing new to me. By using something that has a bit of a tan colour in it, it helps stop your tan from patching up too quickly, and keeps the colour longer on your body overall. As it's a tanning product it does smell a little bit like fake tan to me, but nothing overpowering and still less than a regular self-tan product. I found it super easy to put on and it sunk into my skin quite quickly and didn't seem to transfer to much to any clothes I was wearing, so it certainly gets a thumbs up from me.

p H   B a l a n c e d   S k i n   W a s h
This was a product I hadn't really seen around before, and it really intrigued me. The idea is you use this as your shower gel both before and after tanning to help maintain your tan for longer and give you an overall better tanning result. It does this by restoring the pH levels in your skin, which can be altered by many things, including your diet, lifestyle and other skincare products you use. Using this product afterwards maintains your pH level so your tan doesn't turn orange, and doesn't allow other soaps and body wash products to break down your tan prematurely. This stuff does smell like fake tan when you use it, but the scent doesn't seem to linger on your skin after getting out of the shower. I've felt like I've always had pretty good success with tans and keeping them on for as long as possible, so I haven't noticed any shocking results when using this, but I am certainly going to keep it in my shower routine for tanning time because it does leave my skin feeling quite nice and soft.

What's your opinion?

  1. These sound really cool! I haven't used tan in ages, when I do I usually just use gradual tan because I'm lazy, but some of these sound really nice.

    Laura || www.thelifeoflaura.com.au xx

  2. I've never done any tanning myself! Too scared! You make it sounds so easy!

  3. I haven't fake tanned in years but am seriously considering it now as I'm so conscious of what the sun does to my skin! I like the idea of a gradual tan, and some of these products sound right up my alley! It sucks about your sheets though!

    Sharni xo
    A Girl & Grey

  4. Would love to see the results :)


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