Room Tour

I've lived in my new place for about six months now, and when I first moved in and was putting up Snapchats and Instastories about organising my room, people were keen for me to show the finished product. As I do, I got a bit busy and side tracked and forgot about the request, but after recently moving my room around to freshen things about, I thought why not finally make this post. It's not perfect, but it's mine.

Clothes Rack // Howards Storage World

Linen Robe // H&M
Oversized Denim Jacket // Factorie
Leather Jacket // NEUW
Rolling Stones Shirt // Thrifted
Black Silk Shirt // H&M
White Shirt // Factorie (similar)

Copper Coathangers // Target

Wooden Storage Boxes // Kmart
Wire Storage // Typo - similar

Perfume Tray // Kmart (similar)
Chanel No 5

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Balenciaga Skin

Skull in a Jar Candle  // Eye Candle Studio
Heart in a Jar Candle  // Eye Candle Studio

Velvet Skull Jar // Typo (no longer available)

The Little Book of Cacti and Other Succulents

The Book of Skulls

Life by Keith Richards

Sunglasses // Cotton On
Mirror // Kmart

Bosten Terrier Candle // Eye Candle Studio
Gold Jewellery Boxes // Target (similar)

Bed Pallettes // you can find so many of these being given away on places like Gumtree
Bedding // Kmart
Faux Fur Throw // H&M
Bedside Lamp // Kmart - similar

What's your opinion?

  1. Wow, I absolutely love the whole vibe of your room!!! <3

  2. I love this! I love seeing inside people's homes and how they decorate. I love what you've done with your apartment though!

    Laura || xx

  3. Looks amazing! I should document some photos of my room next time it's clean just to prove that it can be haha!

  4. Your room is fantastic! You have done a good job x

  5. I feel like it's so tricky to do open shelves, but yours look great! Wonderful inspo! XO


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