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I've had so many Alpha-H goodies come in the mail recently. I'd seen them all over blogs and Instagram and thought to myself I really should get around to trying their stuff one day. It seems they could read my mind because I had a couple of packages turn up at my door not long after the thought, with a range of their products to try out. So today I have a bit of a haul and review of Alpha-H for you.

If you know me, you know the word oil in skincare makes me screech in horror. Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm certainly not a fan, my face doesn't play nice when it comes to oil based products. I thought however, considering this is a cleanser and the oily product will need to be washed off my face instead of left on like a serum, that maybe this wouldn't be to bad. I have an oily, balm type makeup remover sitting in my bathroom at the moment, and I've used it once or twice, but because it sits under the sink and not in my shower, I don't think to use it. While it was a weird experience it using it the first few times, I didn't hate it, so I thought maybe the same would ring true for this number. This cleansing oil contains Sea Buckthorn and Tangerine Oil which are meant to help make the makeup slide right off your face. This stuff certainly smells very natural, a bit of a combination of lavender and citrus I would say, which I personally don't mind. It certainly is a lot more oilier than any cleanser I have ever used, but it's a super light and fluid formula, unlike the thicker balm I have under my sink. As it's so thin and lightweight, it doesn't feel gross and clunky to wipe over your face, and I actually quite enjoyed it. Thanks to the oiler nature of the product it actually leaves your skin feeling quite moisturised afterwards.

Why is this called a triple action cleanser I hear you ask? Well because, this little bottle aims to not only be your daily cleanser, but also a replacement for toner and any eye makeup remover products. I have to say, despite using this and loving how it worked on my face and the makeup and dirt it did manage to remove, I'm not about to remove any steps from my skincare routine because of it. That's not throwing any shade to the product, it certainly does its job as a cleanser, but as someone who is a freak about getting to complete their skincare routine, thanks to temperamental skin that also wants me to keep up with it, I just don't feel confident enough to throw away my toning step, which is also what I tend to use to wipe away any excess eye makeup. Maybe for those with skin that doesn't mind having less of a fuss made over it, however this is certainly still a goer as a great cleanser.

Can we just start off talking about the packaging of this stuff; I love it! I have a hair treatment that has packaging like this, and I think it's just such a brilliant idea. You take the lid off, push on the top and the product comes out. It makes it easy to control how much you want and really prevents any mess; now onto the cream itself. In terms of scent, the official description says it is a combination of Evening Primrose Oil, Ylang Ylang and Peppermint. The peppermint in this product isn't as strong as the  Mirco Cleanse Super Scrub that I'm going to talk about below, it's much more subtle. That combined with the other ingredients gives me this feeling of luxury. I feel like a rich woman sitting in the huge bathroom of her fancy mansion when I put this stuff on; almost worth buying it just to live that fantasy every day and night. But in all seriousness this stuff is good. It leaves you feeling super hydrated and moisturised, and you don't need to use much at once to get there. 

Alpha-H Mirco Cleanse Super Scrub
I absolutely love the smell of this stuff! If you're not a peppermint fan this won't be your thing, but I can't get enough, it reminds me of the peppermint tea you can get from T2; man I need to restock on that stuff. Anyway, the peppermint scent means this stuff is great for using in the morning, because that blast of cool peppermint on your face will certainly leave you feeling fresh and awake to the world. When I saw the word scrub I was hoping for something exfoliating, and I wasn't disappointed. The beads in this product are quite small, but they certainly feel like they're working on the skin, without being overly abrasive. This stuff left me feeling clean and awake, a massive thumbs up over here.

Alpha-H Balancing and Pore Refining Mask
You know I love me a good face mask, and I don't really think I've ever come across one that has left me disappointed in any way, and that streak isn't ending here today my friends. This stuff does have quite a strong yet natural scent to it, which I personally don't mind, but for any of my scent-sensitive friends out there, maybe go check this one out and give it a sniff before lathering it all over your face. This is a nice thick mask that layers up well on the skin, and also has quite a smooth formula which means it feels really nice to put on your skin. I loved the mask and it made my skin feel refreshed and clean, but I personally don't believe anything when it comes to the words "pore refining". Maybe my pores just aren't bad enough, though I personally think they could do with a little refining, but I don't think any product is ever going to minimise your pores away. They will certainly help clear out dirt, which helps to stop them become monstrosities on your face, but I don't think anything, including this mask, is going to get rid of them in 10 minutes. Still a great face mask to relax in and give your skin some TLC.

Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant
When I read the name of this product I was immediately intrigued. How could something be a moisturiser but also an exfoliant at the same time? To me those two steps should be done separately, so I was so keen to try this out and understand how it worked; if it did. Starting with the scent, it's probably my least favourite out of all the products, and that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad, but it's certainly a lot different. I talk about the other ones smelling natural at times, and when I say that I mean the lavender type of natural; this stuff smells like natural, natural. I know that doesn't give much of a description, it's like there's almost not a scent to it, but there is. It's hard for my to properly describe but the official description mentions Green Tea and Aloe Vera, so maybe that will make more sense to you. Now, how does this stuff work? When I heard moisturiser and exfoliant, I imagined maybe a moisturiser containing tiny little beads that would dissolve as you rub it onto your face; I was wrong. There are no little beads, it just feels like a moisturiser, but as you rub it in, I get this cooling sensation that a normal moisturiser doesn't give, which I want to put down to the Glycolic Acid that's in the product. I'm honestly not quite sure how it does it, but there is certainly an overwhelming smoothness to my face that I don't get with a regular moisturiser. I don't completely understand, I'm still intrigued but I love it and would recommend giving it a try.

What's your opinion?

  1. ooo I have the mini set, but now I want that hydration cream! It sounds so nice!!

    Laura || xx

  2. I want the mask, sounds like a great brand

  3. I am a sucker for amazing packaging like this!


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