Silk'n Pure Deep Cleansing Facial Brush Review

Just like when painting a fresh canvas, having nice clean skin is the first step towards helping your makeup apply effortlessly onto your face (also who doesn't want to have the best-looking skin they can). One of the most crucial parts to helping your skin reach its full potential is cleansing it each day to remove dirt and makeup. While using your everyday cleanser with your hands will get off everything you can see with the naked eye, they can't give your skin a nice deep clean to really make sure all that muck that has sunk into your skin and pores is removed. That's where the Deep Cleansing Facial Brush from Silk'n comes in. Read on to find out more and receive a cheeky little discount code in case you want to make a purchase!

This tool can be used every day and aims to remove 6x more makeup and dirt than your hands can, minimise your pores and improve the absorption of creams and lotions into your skin. When you buy the brush it comes with two brush heads, a charger and a stand.

I love the stand the brush comes with. I think it makes for much more hygienic storing then setting the brush down either in your shower or on your vanity and having the brush head touching a surface that may not be 100% clean. I think having it standing upright also helps the brush head dry out better, which is also more hygienic than having it constantly damp.

When using the brush, you make sure the brush head is wet, then apply the product directly onto the brush head before using it on your face. Unlike some facial brushes I've used in the past, the head on this one doesn't actually spin, but instead just vibrates. At first, I thought this would mean it wouldn't be effective as some others, and I was a bit sceptical as I used it for the first time. However, after using it and washing off my face, my skin felt nice and smooth and clean. I have to say overall I've been quite impressed with this tool. I find my skin is always in better shape when I'm using a tool like this. I have less breakouts, my pores are less noticeable and overall my skin has a much better glow to it. I actually think not having the spinning brush head makes it a bit less harsh and rough on your skin, which I think in the long term will be much better for it.

Trying out both of the different brush heads, I have to say both seemed to feel the same as one another and work just as well. The brush heads with the blue detailing are meant to be softer than the regular white ones, but I can't say I noticed much of a difference between them, both when feeling them with my hands or using them on my face.

So at the end of the day, I would definitely recommend picking this baby up and giving it a go. I promise you, your skin routine will be forever changed in a positive way.

If you do decide to go pick one up for yourself, the lovely people over at Silk'n having given me a discount code so you can get your new holy grail tool for a little bit cheaper. Just enter the code 'Wonderland' at check out to receive 25% off.

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